Innovative Ways to Leverage Webcasts for Effective Marketing and Demand Generation

Innovative Ways to Leverage Webcasts for Effective Marketing and Demand Generation

As more companies embrace lead generation virtual events and webcasts as part of a more effective marketing strategy, it’s important to leverage the time before and after the webcast to drive leads and increase sales. With people’s attention in high demand, you’ll want to find innovative ways to promote your webcast and follow up after the event to build loyalty for your brand. Think beyond the slideshow and compelling speakers and embrace these innovative tactics for demand generation.

Take an Omni-Channel Approach to Promotions

Email marketing campaigns can give you a solid start on-demand generation. But take advantage of paid advertising channels such as Google AdWords (paid search or SEM), paid social through Facebook and LinkedIn, and remarketing techniques that make sure your promotions get in front of your target audience multiple times.

Don’t Forget Your Event Reminder Emails

Roughly 40% of people who register for a webcast actually attend. According to, an engaging, personalized reminder email can help increase those numbers by as much as 33%. Your reminder should be a short, sweet personalized note directly from the presenter, customized with the recipient’s first name. GlobalMeet Webcast integrates with your CRM software and allows you to track the results of your campaigns.

Poll Your Audience

During the event, engage the audience with polls. Ask questions about where they live, what they’re interested in, and their pain points. But make sure to include a poll question that is designed specifically for lead generation: Ask attendees, “Would you like a free demo?”

Make the Material Available on Demand

Even with reminder emails, many people will not be able to attend your webcast in real-time. Make the webcast recording available on-demand as soon as possible after the event. Promote the recording via the same channels you used to promote the webcast, tracking your results to allocate a budget where you get the most return on your investment. GlobalMeet Webcast allows you to leverage on-demand recordings in multiple ways by sharing snippets of the webcast via social media and even offering searchable text transcriptions so viewers can find the information they need faster. Having the right platform that allows you to track interest from that initial email to sign-ups and follow-ups after the event can make a difference in the lead generation and demand generation results you get from your webcast. Let PGi provide you with the tools you need for more effective marketing with GlobalMeet Webcast.


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