Keys to Presenting a Safe and Secure Investor Relations Webcast

Keys to Presenting a Safe and Secure Investor Relations Webcast

Investor relations for companies are more important than ever, especially with the growing number of retail traders now paying attention to the stock market. You want to make sure your company is always represented in the best light, fairly judged or evaluated, and that your IR webcast gives Wall Street investors and trading enthusiasts, alike, the details they need to make informed decisions. Most importantly, you need to be sure it is safe and secure, inspires trust in your audience, and shares your company message most effectively.

Benefits of an Investor Relations Webcast

One of the many benefits of an investor relations webcast versus an in-person gathering is you can reach investors, analysts, and media from across the globe instead of only those who can travel to your event. Today, more companies are even embracing hybrid events to reach an in-person audience while broadcasting to a larger group. A virtual event also allows you to record the meeting for on-demand viewing later, reaching an even wider audience. Also, virtual IR meetings allow you to serve your remote workforce better, enabling executives to present from anywhere in the world and employees to tune in from remote work locations, as well.

Enterprise-Level Security for Your Investor Relations Webcast

Whether you are producing a virtual event or a hybrid investor relations webcast, you’ll want to keep security at the top of your mind. It’s important to follow best practices to maintain enterprise-level security during your webcast. The GlobalMeet Webcast provides enterprise-level security for your investor relations webcast, including:
  • Password-protected logins for presenters and attendees
  • Password-protected registration to sign up to attend
  • Capabilities to block specific email addresses, domains, or IP addresses
  • Referral checking so that users can only join the event from the link you provided

Webcast Security Best Practices

To further ensure the security of your IR webcast, instruct presenters to log in only from a secured internet connection. Set the password protection to a string of letters and numbers that is not easy to guess, or use the automatically-generated password suggested by the platform for maximum security. Set an “unauthorized users” message that redirects users to another URL if they don’t meet the security standards you established through the platform. Taking these steps will give your presenters and audience peace of mind that you are doing everything in your power to keep proprietary information safe and secure and prevent unauthorized access. A secure meeting platform for your virtual event is just one way to help build trust with your audience and investors. A seamless and compelling IR webcast with useful, compelling content and follow-ups after the event will solidify that relationship and represent your company in a positive way. See how GlobalMeet Webcast can help you deliver your IR calls with enterprise-level security.


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