Leveraging Webcasts for Continuing Medical Education

Leveraging Webcasts for Continuing Medical Education

Offering continuing education classes for medical professionals via webcast can be a perfect solution for CME providers who want to streamline content planning and delivery, make user tracking more accessible, and offer a class that engages students while teaching them. Here are some reasons to consider using webcasts to offer continuing medical education classes for HCPs.

Ease of Getting Recertified in Multiple Areas

Webcasts can be created and white-labeled in different areas of health care, allowing your company to teach multiple courses. This helps professionals get recertified in more than one subject without having to use many different platforms.

Convenience of Webcasts

Medical professionals already have busy schedules, so when it comes time to work on continuing education, the convenience of the class being offered is highly relevant. A webcast is by far the most convenient way for HCPs to get the information they need to maintain accreditation without having to miss important work events or days in the office helping patients.

Offer Pre-Recorded Content

You can expand the reach of your content by using recordings of your previous webcasts to teach professionals in multiple locations and time zones. With the help of the recording tools built into leading webcast technologies like GlobalMeet Webcast, you can ensure that each user can access your continuing education class at the time and date they need.

Check Comprehension During the Course

Using knowledge and presence checks, you can ensure that all the participants are alert and engaged in the course content. This is also a great way to assess the effectiveness of the class and what points you may need to expand on in the future. Using a webcast makes the process of CME much simpler for both the administrator and the students. Your organization can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks while remaining confident that all the requirements set by your accrediting body are met in the CME classes you offer. Use GlobalMeet Webcast for continuing your team's medical education.

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