Today's Webcast: Enterprise Video for the Future

Today’s Webcast: Enterprise Video for the Future

The way each enterprise creates a webcast is very different. But who is creating virtual webinars, webcasts, and other enterprise videos today? And what tools are they using? Socialive recently surveyed marketing, HR, and video service professionals to find out.

HR Professionals and Marketers Embrace Video Technology

The value of enterprise video is clear, based on survey results. Socialive discovered that 84% of enterprises have ramped up their video content output in the past year, and 88% expect that output to increase — along with their video budget — in 2022.

HR directors and marketers, alike, cited the vast benefits of webcast outreach, including:

  • The ability to reach wider audiences (58%)
  • Improved workforce engagement (52%)
  • Faster training of staff (48%)
  • More effective sales and marketing (41%)

Who Is Creating Video Content?

The survey revealed that in-house video or production teams are the largest content producers, with 34% of organizations relying on in-house professionals. After that, 29% of organizations said their marketing teams handled video production, while another 19% said their creative teams managed the creation, broadcast, and distribution of content.

Self-Service Webcast Platform Use Grows

With most video production taking place in-house, organizations said they would create even more content if they had access to intuitive, user-friendly, self-service video content creation technology, including virtual events, webcasts, and webinars. Nearly half of the organizations that produced live, video-based virtual events said creating the content was “too expensive,” while 36% cited time constraints as the limiting factor to creating more video. Another 36% said the budget was holding them back, and 25% said they had bandwidth limitations that made creating and distributing quality content challenging.

Demand for Professional Video Service Providers Also Grows

Recognizing the challenges of producing an engaging webcast in-house, many marketing professionals seek video professionals’ services. However, 95% of video services professionals surveyed said they are at or over their work capacity, and 17% said they are “significantly over” capacity.

This shortage leaves enterprise teams seeking user-friendly, intuitive solutions to create better, more engaging videos, faster and in-house.

Socialive and PGi Collaborate

Socialive, an all-in-one enterprise video platform, has teamed up with PGi. Together, the capabilities of PGi’s enterprise-grade streaming solution, GlobalMeet Webcast with the Socialive platform, will enable businesses to create and distribute studio-quality content and measure and analyze results for better engagement.

Together, GlobalMeet Webcast and Socialive will enable more organizations to take advantage of the vast benefits of video marketing without stretching their in-house marketing and creative teams — or their video budgets — too thin.

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