Customize Your Event Branding Using GlobalMeet® Webcast

Consistent branding across your virtual event is more important than ever in an era where potential customers are overwhelmed by choices. Ensuring every piece of content you produce is branded and leads back to your site in some way helps build a stronger relationship with potential new clients and allows you to leave a lasting impression.

GlobalMeet® Webcast allows you to fully customize every aspect of your registration pages, event portals, and event branding. This helps you maintain a consistent branding experience from your website all the way to your virtual event pages. From the registration page, confirmation, reminder and follow-up emails, conference pages, and the live or on-demand event, you can create messages that align with your brand vision.

Tailor Your Registration Pages To Your Voice

GlobalMeet Webcast supports a wide variety of use cases, branding capabilities, and event content to make your event registration stand out from the crowd. With multiple registration layouts to choose from, you can find one that incorporates your brand colors and style and then customize the form to include the criteria you want from registrants. You can embed videos you want potential registrants to see, including speaker biographies and profiles, and promote the event via social media share buttons.

Customizable Event Spaces

GlobalMeet Webcast’s event portal allows you to build your own personalized pre-and post-conference pages for each of your organization’s events or create one that encompasses all your future offerings. With no programming experience, you can embed important elements, highlight your logo and colors, and include details that compel visitors to sign up. Create a dedicated space to showcase your content, video, breakout sessions, chat, Q&A, speaker profiles, collateral downloads, and more.

Customized Event Player

Showcase your brand through the webcast event by customizing the complete look and feel of your live or on-demand event. With GlobalMeet Webcast, you can customize event branding to showcase your corporate identity across each slide of the presentation. Monitor and encourage audience participation and engagement via Audience Chat and Q+A and offer easy access to your collateral for attendees.

GlobalMeet Webcast offers multiple opportunities to showcase your brand identity at every point of preparing the event and throughout the broadcast. Visit our website to find out more.

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