Effective Webcasting Software and Services for Business Growth

Effective Webcasting Software and Services for Business Growth

Effective webcasting software is the key to a successful virtual event for your company. But equally important is the service, including fully managed solutions, offered by your webcasting software provider.

Whether your organization uses virtual events for lead generation and demand generation or free customer training to build relationships and loyalty, webcasting software can help your business grow. Let’s look at some of the ways PGi customers use GlobalMeet Webcast for business growth and the features that ensure our customers can focus on the marketing and message, leaving the technology and the production aspects of a successful webcast to the PGi team.

GlobalMeet Webcast Provides a Secure Platform for Virtual Meetings

How your customers perceive your organization can significantly affect your bottom line and churn rate. Brands whose customers believe in their stability and growth have more opportunities to build loyalty amongst their target market. Positive publicity can lead to increased sales. When investors think highly of a company, consumers may start to wonder what they’re missing.

Of course, successful, professionally produced virtual events can also lead directly to business growth by increasing customer spending and fostering growth within the account. During the pandemic, virtual events became one of the only ways for companies to interact with customers. But the trend has opened possibilities to use frequent customer meetings as a marketing and organic sales growth tool to reach an even broader audience.

Grow Your Brand through Lead Generation Webcasts

When companies think of webcasts, lead generation is often the first thought on their mind. Indeed, GlobalMeet Webcast remains one of the best ways to reach a one-to-many audience, share your brand’s message, and capture leads for your sales team.

Don’t think of your next lead generation webcast as a one-and-done, though. Use on-demand content to continue reaching new eyes after the event has ended.

Provide Customer Training to Build Brand Loyalty and Create Upsell Opportunities

Lead generation is just one element of successful marketing. Companies that show positive revenue growth focus just as much — if not more so — on customer retention. After all, returning customers spend 67% more than new customers, according to a report from BIA/Kelsey and Manta. Forbes states that conversion rates rise from 13% to 67% when trying to sell an existing customer a new product or service.

Virtual customer training is a great way to deliver value to your customers and build loyalty while simultaneously upselling them on products or features.

Rely on a Team to Provide the Highest Quality Content

To be successful in growing your brand through webcasts and online marketing, you need the right team behind you. PGi offers fully managed webcasts using GlobalMeet Webcast, so you can focus on creating the best content for business growth. Request a demo today.

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