How to Organize a Successful Hybrid Event

How to Organize a Successful Hybrid Event

Hybrid events have become the perfect solution to COVID uncertainty. If you plan for a hybrid event and the in-person element is canceled for some reason, you can still have a successful conference, tradeshow, or webcast. Hybrid events give those who are hesitant to travel the opportunity to attend your event remotely. They also permit your organization to expand its reach by attracting and engaging those who may live too far to travel or are unable to attend an in-person event for other reasons. But how do you host a successful hybrid event? Keep the following elements in mind and choose the right webcast software to ensure your event’s success.

Create Audience Interaction Between Live and Remote Attendees

The most engaging events blend remote and live audiences in fun ways. Use social media hashtags so those at the event venue and watching remotely can follow along and create conversations on platforms behind the event. Provide chat room opportunities where live and remote attendees can interact. Consider hiring emcees or moderators to monitor the chat for remote attendees so no one feels left out. GlobalMeet Webcast enables you to allow in-person guests to interact on their smartphones within the venue while remote attendees can chat and reply from wherever they might be.

Think Creatively When It Comes to Sponsorship Opportunities to Increase Revenue and Expand Visibility

Hybrid events don’t just expand your possibilities for audience attendance; they also increase the opportunities for sponsorships. Event signage at the venue can combine with banner advertising and recorded ads before live streams and other presentations expand visibility for sponsors. You can also provide packages that include sponsored emails with ads and links to sponsors in the body of the messages to your email list. When you sign sponsors, you’re not just increasing revenue for the event but also engaging a team of partners who will help promote the event, expanding your visibility. It’s a win-win.

Market Your Event Before, During, and After

Email marketing should be just the beginning when it comes to promoting your event. A hybrid event offers a unique opportunity to promote your event during the event by sharing snippets of the live stream on social media and your website. You can also offer pre-recorded and live-streaming content on-demand after the event, boosting the number of people who engage with your brand or organization. Studies show roughly 94% of webcasts produced today are shared on-demand, with 18% of on-demand viewers watching during the weekend. PGi delivers the tools you need for a successful hybrid event through GlobalMeet Webcast. Reach out today to learn more.

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