Improve the Customer Experience through Webcast

Improve the Customer Experience through Webcast

Companies that work toward improving their customers’ overall experience with their brand can experience up to 8% revenue growth above competitors, says a study from Bain & Company. But customer experience is such a nebulous subject. It relates to everything from the online checkout experience to how well your products perform for consumers — and how easy they are to use.

Connecting with your customers through webcasting is one way to build loyalty and enhance the customer experience. Here are three easy ways to do it:

Host Free Trainings

Today’s products often have complex features that may require some hands-on training to access and maximize. Whether you’re selling software, an app, or a new device, your customers might benefit from free product training sessions delivered via webcast. Your customers can benefit from regular training sessions that give your company more often touch points to reduce churn and offer chances to grow your existing accounts. When applicable, use these free training as subtle upsell opportunities, considering what other products and systems could work well with your customers’ initial investment.

Engage the audience by sharing your screen, inviting Q&As, and asking for product feedback. This helps build customer loyalty and makes them feel like they are playing a role in company development. Giving customers a sense of ownership can help create brand evangelists who will share your products — and their experiences — with friends and family.

Hold a Webcast to Address Your Customer’s Biggest Pain Points

Showing your customers that you understand and care about their needs and challenges plays a key role in creating a positive customer experience from first contact through the purchase — and afterward, too. Lead generation webcasts shouldn’t focus exclusively on product features but, instead, address the pain points your product or service solves for your audience.

Personalize the Customer Experience

Today’s consumers demand personalized experiences. One study showed that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the company has personalized their interaction in some way. You can adopt a better personalization strategy with specialized product recommendations, customized content, and direct interaction with your customers through social media channels or a webcast.

Use interactive webcast tools to speak directly to your audience, ask questions, and take their feedback into consideration for future product development. Follow up with a personalized email thanking them for their feedback — and perhaps even a coupon off a future purchase.

One-to-many webcasts provide an efficient way to create a personalized customer experience, build brand loyalty, and drive business growth. Get your free demo of GlobalMeet Webcast today.

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