Modernizing IR Earning Calls with Webcast

Modernizing IR Earning Calls with Webcast

Incorporating new technology into investor relations (IR) calls may initially seem intimidating, but the benefits are numerous. Regardless of whether the content is likely to draw a positive response or the key metrics are less than projected, having an engaging video-based presentation will help the call go smoothly. Many enterprises use conference calls to convey the information investors want to know. However, the format is less than engaging for your investors. Though they may not have a super active role in the call, there are still ways to keep investors engaged in the information. Using a video webcast opens this opportunity to engage your investors and turn the earning call into a two-way dialogue that is productive but managed.

Vary Supplemental Materials to Keep it Interesting

No matter how dynamic the speaker is, it’s hard to keep the audience’s attention without some visual variety. Speakers can show other visual materials beyond speaking on video, including slide decks, screen shares, charts, graphs, and supplemental video content. These visual items can help your investors better understand how earnings have grown over the last year, the overall progress you’ve made in key areas and how the company is progressing towards larger organizational goals.

Streamline Interactive Moments

While the question-and-answer part of the call is vital, it can easily drag on too long or become repetitive. The webcast format helps streamline this part of the call by funneling it through a moderator. The moderator can condense similar questions from multiple participants into one and address it to the person on the panel who is best equipped to handle the question.

Reach a Larger Audience on Demand

If you have investors across a range of time zones, it’s likely some of them will not be able to attend the presentation. Share a video recording of the call with investors in other time zones to review at their convenience. On-demand playback allows investors who couldn’t attend in real-time to stay engaged and informed about the company’s future. To find out more about transitioning your IR calls to webcast format, contact us today. GlobalMeet Webcast allows you to host webcasts easily.

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