Webcast Trends for Enterprises to Consider

Webcast Trends for Enterprises to Consider

Webcasts have been gaining momentum for internal training and town hall meetings as well as promotions and lead generation for years now. But webcast use skyrocketed in 2020 and 2021, sparked by the pandemic. One report says that webcast use increased by 162% in 2021. With the wealth of content being live-streamed and available on-demand, it’s crucial that companies keep their webcast engaging, entertaining, and informative. The technology and features in GlobalMeet Webcast make this easier than ever.

Partner with Micro-Influencers to Promote Your Event

Using your marketing team to promote your event is so 2021. Harness the power of leaders in your industry, including social media micro-influencers, to amplify your marketing efforts. When you invite multiple presenters to an event, each one can bring in their own followers and fans so you can get your message in front of more eyes and grow your business with new leads.

GlobalMeet Webcast technology makes it easy to switch from slideshow presentations, videos, and live views of one or many speakers — whether they are in the same room or across the country from each other.

Create Custom Experiences

Old advice: Make sure you begin each email with the reader’s name.

Today’s advice to level up your marketing: Use retargeting and audience segments to share relevant, customized, and personalized information with your readers in emails promoting your webcast. Make sure each piece of marketing material has a consistent look and feel and matches the branding on your webcast.

Adopt Internal Webcasts as an HR Engagement Tool

Webcasts aren’t just for lead generation and demand generation anymore. HR departments are using webcasts successfully for onboarding, training, and engagement. Whether you’re sharing the scoop on the latest employee benefits packages or onboarding someone new who lives states away, a professionally-produced webcast delivers what your employees need in an interactive, easy-to-use format.

Keep Audiences Engaged with Interactive Tools

Whether you’re holding a virtual press conference, promoting your latest product line, or engaging with employees, the right interactive tools help keep people focused on the webcast amidst the distractions of work-from-home life.

Employ tools such as audience polling, Q&A, and interactive chat to ensure audiences are not just in front of their screens but entirely focused on the subject matter.

GlobalMeet Webcast offers all these capabilities and more to stay on top of the latest webcast outreach and promotions trends. Schedule your free demo now.

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