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How to Create a Happy Workforce & Reduce Churn in a Remote World

Many companies focus their efforts on hiring the best and brightest employees. But amidst the Great Resignation, when 4.5 million employees left their jobs, perhaps human resource directors and company executives should be looking for ways to reduce churn.

Reports say as many as 30% of employees who quit last year were seeking greater flexibility. Finding ways to let employees embrace a better work/life balance can also help create a happy workforce. And technology, including webcast capabilities for employee and team engagement, can play a key role.

Revisit Your Remote Work Policies

One study found that companies who don’t allow their employees to work remotely, at least some of the time, have 25% lower retention rates than companies with more flexible policies. Another study found that, amidst the pandemic, 50% of employees refused to return to the workplace unless the company offered remote work options.

Seamless, easy-to-use videoconferencing and webcast solutions make it easier to offer remote work options with the confidence that your workforce can stay connected. So whether it’s for a quick, touch-base huddle session or a massive town hall meeting that brings together your entire workforce and corporate leaders, GlobalMeet Webcast delivers all the features you need.

Use Webcast Technology for Employee Training

Today’s workers want to feel connected, appreciated, and supported. For many Gen Z employees just entering the workforce, this means delivering the right employee training. Sixty-nine percent of GenZ workers believe learning is the key to a successful career.

Yet, employee training in 2022 doesn’t have to mean sitting for hours in a stuffy classroom or listening to lectures. Create virtual training modules with GlobalMeet Webcast and let employees listen and watch on their own schedule. If you opt for live training, GlobalMeet Webcast enables you to create an interactive, engaging environment with audience polling, Q&A features, and more.

Plus, searchable transcriptions created of each webcast can help employees review the materials later to be sure all that knowledge sunk in.

Keep In Touch with Remote Workers

Employers often fear that letting people work remotely will create disengagement. Likewise, some employees worry that they will miss out on advancement opportunities or even creative brainstorming sessions if they aren’t in the office.

Re-think this outdated view of the office as the center of creativity and productivity. Foster a sense of engagement with interactive virtual meetings. After each virtual event, make sure to poll attendees on what they liked and spots where they see room for improvement.

Your technology should never limit what you can achieve when it comes to inspiring a happy workforce. Reach out to see how GlobalMeet Webcast can help you reduce churn and stay competitive in 2022.

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