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Using Webcast for Crisis Management

In a post-pandemic world, the implications of crisis management have changed. While crisis planning may have seemed like a futile exercise in the past, the COVID-19 pandemic showed that an unforeseen event could change the world in an instant. This can include pandemics, but also earthquakes, fires, terrorist activity, floods, and data breaches. Any one of these occurrences calls for swift follow-up with an organized plan to mitigate the damage done to the company, its premises, or its reputation.

Planning for a crisis should include not only what you and your staff need to do to mitigate the damage but also the precise method you’ll use to communicate plans to the entire enterprise. A webcast can be the ideal approach for business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency communication. Within the webcast application, leadership or crisis teams can coordinate the required response activities, assign tasks to teams, and take stock of resources to maintain command and control.

Why Use a Webcast After a Crisis?

In the time after a crisis, a webcast can be a convenient, easy-to-use method of communication that allows you to communicate with every member of the team and even stakeholders. You can share important event dashboards and updates onscreen for the entire organization to see. Throughout the broadcast, you can express the steps each person or department needs to take to turn static, standard operating procedures into actionable tasks. You can then assign tasks out in one meeting instead of holding several calls or meetings and include offsite or out-of-country participants. Participants can suggest additional tasks that may be missing from the plan using the built-in chat feature.

GlobalMeet® Webcast incorporates all the features any company needs to coordinate and implement disaster recovery plans. Visit the PGi website to find out more.

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