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What are the Benefits of Webcast for the Global Enterprise?

What Are the Benefits of Webcast for the Global Enterprise?

Positioning yourself as a global enterprise includes catering to interested parties around the world who want to find out more about your services. Finding ways to connect with these people regardless of their location can be a powerful step forward for your company and extend your reach far beyond your current customers and prospects.

Holding a webcast is one way to encourage potential clients to see your company as an international enterprise.

Increase Potential Attendance

By removing the cost of traveling to your event, you remove one of the major barriers to attending your event for many global participants. Not only can the cost of traveling to your location be daunting, but attendees may also have to take time away from their lives in order to get to you. For busy C-suite executives, this extra travel time can make it impossible for them to attend.

Instead, a webcast that people can watch from anywhere opens the event up to many more potential attendees, generating more demand globally for your product or service.

Boost Social Media Mentions

Another unexpected benefit of hosting an online event is the social media reaction that its likely to attract. You can create hashtags to promote the event on Twitter and Instagram and encourage registrants to use them. Share excerpts and video clips from the presentation to help build attention and interest around the topics you’ll be covering.

After the event, you can tweet out the results of polls and questions you asked to encourage people to watch it on-demand and keep talking about the content.

Create Content Resources

By recording the webcast and making it available online, you allow people to watch it at their leisure instead of trying to accommodate different time zones. These recordings can act as a content library for your blog or website, letting you share the knowledge easily and increase traffic to your site.

You can create pieces of content based on this recording, including a transcript of what is said or a blog post that recaps the event and reinforces the main points made in the presentation. Or post the video to your social channels to increase exposure, get more followers, and increase overall views on the video.

GlobalMeet® Webcast is designed to make webcasting to a global audience easier than ever.

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