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GlobalMeet Webcast can handle all types of corporate communications events, be it a Sales and Marketing Town Hall, a CEO Briefing, Senior leadership calls, Departmental Town Halls, HR events such as a benefit and pension update, wellbeing updates and policy and compliance training. A move to GlobalMeet Webcast for all your corporate communications makes preparations for the webcast simpler for the organizer and presenters with better engagement with the audience. It also helps you reach your overall organizational goals and addresses many of the pain points CEOs face when trying to communicate with their workforce.

The main advantages of using GlobalMeet Webcast for corporate communications include:

  • Reliability

    There is nothing worse than getting all of your employees and contractors prepped for a meeting or town hall only to have the broadcast fail on you. It only takes a few seconds of waiting for the platform to load or not seeing the presenter for attendees to disengage and stop paying attention.

  • Ease of Use

    As a complete solution, GlobalMeet Webcast incorporates all the tools and features you’ll need to make the presentation successful. Easily share slides, videos, take polls, and interact with questions in the chat to help attendees understand the presentation and help them feel included.

  • Increased Engagement

    Corporate meetings can be dull for the attendees if there is just one speaker who talks about topics that are not relevant to everyone. Incorporate up to 15 different presenters to speak to their area of specialty, share concerns, or report on the latest developments in each part of the company to keep attendees interested.

  • Powerful Insights

    Integrated analytical data and reporting eliminate all the guesswork from determining how successful the webcast was and what portions can be optimized for a better response from the audience. You can also post the recording of the event after it happens and then use analytics to see how many people watch it on demand. This can help you determine whether you should change the time, date, or format for future broadcasts.

The move to GlobalMeet Webcast is an easy transition that provides you with more tools and insights to analyze how effective your event is and how you can improve. To learn more, contact us today.

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