Discover the Joint Power of GlobalMeet Webcast’s Integration with Hive Streaming

Using video platforms to connect with employees or customers may have peaked in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s unlikely to drop in popularity anytime soon. ® Webcast, in partnership with Hive Streaming allows you to analyze your efforts and review key performance indicators (KPIs) to refine your presentations and make them more effective and engaging.

Here are some of the ways Hive can help optimize your offerings:

Pre-Event Analytics

Hive allows you to analyze KPIs of similar webcasts you’ve held, unlocking insights on how you can improve your next event. Review which parts of your content are the most interesting and generate the most activity.

During the Event

Monitoring your KPIs in real-time allows you to analyze how effective the content is, what parts of the presentation are most impactful, and move on to the next topic if the current one isn’t engaging your participants. Plus, Hive Video Analytics has a live stream alert center that runs throughout the presentation to help you identify and solve any problems that may occur during the broadcast.

Post-Event Analytics

Once the presentation is over, there are plenty of insights and valuable information to be accessed via Hive Video Analytics. You can better understand how each segment of the audience is interacting with your video event by looking at in-office versus at-home viewer engagement to see which kind of participant is most interested in the presentation. Stream performance statistics allow you to see the quality of experience for viewers, overall bandwidth savings, and viewers over time. You can export a summary of the most powerful insights to present to the executive team.

How Hive Can Help Optimize Video Offerings

While presenting via a video-based medium, organizations typically seek to maximize reach, which can overload your network. Hive works to pre-emptively solve this issue by automatically offloading the network using smart peer-to-peer algorithms, which distribute video across the network more efficiently.

Hive lets you lessen load times during the process for seamless streaming and minimal buffering. You can stop network congestion by identifying the areas where the network load is impacting the stream’s reach. These steps help keep the presentation seamless and maximize the end user’s enjoyment of the presentation.

To see firsthand how the Hive integration works together with the GlobalMeet Webcast platform, schedule a demo today.

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