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How Hive Video Analytics Can Power Actionable Webcast Insights

Webcast insights can be powerful as they help you decide what is working and what aspects need improvement to better connect with the audience. Hive Video Analytics by Hive Streaming offer a new, innovative way to understand and optimize the performance of your live events. Increased monitoring, tracking, and reporting are powered by aggregated metrics that you can easily review in one place.

Understand How Your Virtual Events Are Performing

The more data points you have available for review, the better you can understand how your events resonate with your audience and optimize them to perform even better. Some of the ways insights can power better event performance include:

  • Better scheduling: Solve the question of when is the best time to hold an event, once and for all. Metrics allow you to see how many of your employees watched an event live vs. on-demand so you can determine when to schedule the next event. (Coming soon: Meeting Planner AI by Hive, which will predict attendance and engagement of future events with even greater precision.)
  • Refine regional attendance: Which region had the lowest audience turnout? Hive Video Analytics helps answer that question, from both a video experience and audience engagement points of view to help you improve.
  • Buffering severity: Understand better whether buffering is a problem for your employees when they try to view the event. Were employees disturbed by buffering, and how often?
  • Monitor engagement: How engaged were attendees during the virtual event? Did they respond to questions, participate in polls, and ask questions about the material? Engaged listeners are likely to retain much more of the material than those who simply sit and listen passively.

Better Quality of Experience Insights

Identify weak links and avoid common streaming issues by preventing them before they occur. Hive enables you to pinpoint where you can improve the Quality of Experience across your network. You can then provide more bandwidth or support to these regions or users.

Create Customized Reports for Executives

Data-heavy reports that take a long time to review can be less than effective, especially when delivered to a non-technical audience. Tailor post-event performance reports to the exact needs of your C-suite by customizing the Executive Dashboard to show what you want to highlight. Depending on your team's preferences, you can also export the dashboard in PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF formats.

Review Employee Engagement Data

Get instant live event reports to learn how engaged your employees are with internal company messaging, regardless of where they are located. Through the Engagement Indicators module, you can enhance the instant live event reports with in-depth employee video engagement insights to give your executive team a complete picture of how successful an event was.

Visit Hive Streaming’s website to learn more about Hive Analytics and how it can help you improve webcast performance.

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