Every Financial Institution Needs a Webcast

Financial institutions understand the key role investors, employees, and consumers play in perceiving a company. So, whether you are assisting people to buy their first homes or walking a large firm through complex financial procedures, you want to make sure that your message gets across clearly and effectively. That’s why PGi provides financial companies with the premium webcast technology they need: GlobalMeet® Webcast.

Why Use Webcast Technology?

In a professional environment where teams are becoming more and more isolated (either from remote work or international partnerships), it is crucial for financial institutions to find ways to bring consumers closer together virtually. The solution is simple: implement efficient webcasting technology.

Webcasting technology allows you to stream your events, conferences, and messages live to a global audience in real-time and on-demand. Instead of streaming multiple virtual events to match local time zones, webcasting allows you to stream once, meaning your advisors, analysts, and clients all receive the same information. Not only does this make information sharing more convenient, but it also improves trust and comprehension for all involved.

Why Financial Institutions Use GlobalMeet Webcast

To enterprise-level companies, we are the premier webcasting solution for executing polished, resourceful communications at scale, flawlessly. GlobalMeet Webcast enables companies in the financial sector to plan, manage and execute their most important events.

But what about financial institutions specifically? What benefit do they get out of using the GlobalMeet Webcast software?

As working from home becomes more and more common, many financial institutions find that their advisors and clients need to be kept informed of the firm’s goals, and educated on new policies, industry trends and so much more. Many need a reliable webcast solution as a default. Beyond this, many companies have both a domestic and internal presence and the most practical way of guiding people together is through the use of webcasting technology to inform, educate and rally. GlobalMeet Webcast enables banks, finance and insurance companies to keep employees, analysts, members, agents and customers educated and engaged.

With webcasting, employees and analysts can be kept easily up to date with a firm’s plans. This can comprise of anything from membership guidelines and procedures to market insights and competitive intelligence. This allows a company to effectively pass on relevant information to their customers.

Financial institutions that provide premium information and support to their clients are far more capable of establishing loyalty and trust with them. Customers who make educated decisions about their financial needs are more engaged and more likely to advocate for the company that helped them.

As you can see, GlobalMeet Webcast allows you to repeatedly pass on value from employees to customers, and finally, to your firm’s long-term revenue.

Is GlobalMeet® Webcast the Right Webcast Software for You?

Many of the top 10 Fortune 500 financial services companies have used our solution. Here are a few use cases:

  • Transaction Announcements
  • Financial Advisor Updates
  • Corporate Access / Events
  • Research Distribution
  • Corporate Communications
  • Membership Conferences
  • Private Wealth Events
  • Timely Market Commentary
  • Crisis Communication
  • Investor Conferences

What’s more, we have a highly rated customer service team to guarantee that no matter where you are (or what time it is), help will always be available.

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