The Ins and Outs of the Health Insurance Market

There was a time when brand awareness in the healthcare and insurance industries had little to no significance. Patients had little choice about their healthcare provider since it was decided by their insurance which their employer determined.

The Affordable Care Act changed this, giving patients more alternatives for their healthcare. As a result, the equilibrium of influence between a healthcare brand and consumers has transitioned to the consumer, and performance metrics have repositioned to value-based assessments like patient satisfaction. This indicates that healthcare and insurance companies must work more efficiently to achieve brand awareness and trust.

Standing Out in a Competitive Market

Consumers must be aware of your brand and trust it. A healthcare brand’s success hinges on the degree to which it is trusted by the people it serves. Trust begins with branding. The imagery, color scheme and simplicity a brand uses can contribute to whether a healthcare brand is considered trustworthy.

But that portion of branding is simply the visual identity of a company. The way a healthcare brand interacts with consumers can go even further toward establishing it as a trusted figure in the healthcare space. This starts with website copy, articles, and white papers to educate consumers about what a brand stands for. But it can no longer conclude there.

Consumers today are well educated and digitally shrewd. Health insurance providers must catch up and provide more customizable communication alternatives. And virtual event software like GlobalMeet Webcast provides the personal touch in this digitized world.

Human Resources and Healthcare

A solid benefits package can make an employee feel valued for their work and stick around instead of searching for greener pastures, but even the best benefits package in the world may do nothing for a brand if employees don’t comprehend it.

Health insurance tops the list of motives a person might work for a company. Health insurance plans might also be one of the more difficult concepts to explain and compare with static brochures and complicated enrollment procedures. This is another instance where webcast technology can make the value of the business’s healthcare plans glisten, allowing employees to ask questions that clarify puzzling details to everyone in attendance.

Healthcare in the Digital Age

In this increasingly competitive, digitized, and modernized world, brand awareness in the healthcare and insurance industry requires a personal touch. Webcasting is replacing phone calls, brochures, and emails as the desired way to communicate in many industries, and it can drastically benefit the healthcare and insurance industries, where patient satisfaction is becoming a prioritized metric.

Using a virtual event solution like GlobalMeet Webcast in healthcare can:

  • Assist insurance agents to communicate healthcare plans to their clients more efficiently
  • Allow HR to illustrate the value of plans to employees and deliver plan comparisons so employees can make educated decisions
  • Improve open enrollment by giving HR a way to guide employees through the process without confusion
  • Help client services inform, advocate, and answer questions more effectively
  • Strengthen your brand awareness and customer loyalty for your firm

Would you like to see how a webcasting solution can benefit your next HR benefits presentation or insurance workshop? Schedule a GlobalMeet® Webcast demo today!

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