Upcoming Webinar: The Digital Transformation of High-Stakes Communications

When it comes to communicating key milestones or high-stakes moments, it’s critical for companies to balance transparency and calmness. But that’s become more challenging as in-person meetings wane to accommodate dispersed workforces.

Video has become central to remote internal and corporate communications, yet business leaders can’t expect their messages to resonate the same way in an entirely different format. Organizations need to adapt accordingly, which means thinking strategically about the technologies you use — and how you use them.

That’s why Socialive and PGi are joining forces on June 16 for the 5th episode of our Creator Economy for the Enterprise webinar series (register here). Together, we’ll explore:

  • How communication tools or platforms carry implicit messages about who you are as an organization
  • How and why your corporate/internal communications should resemble a content marketing strategy
  • How to leverage video technologies to bring your remote, distributed organization together — especially during key milestone moments or high-stakes situations

Hosted by Professional Business Speaker Katie Martell, the episode will feature a panel discussion with:

The Evolution of Internal Comms

While working across distributed environments creates new challenges for corporate communications leaders, it also presents new opportunities. Video technology has emerged as a crucial way to not only rise to the challenge, but also enhance corporate identity, reputation, and talent.

Traditionally corporate and internal communications are how companies enact and establish organizational culture and their corporate brand. It is through this channel that organizations articulate and reinforce their cultures and values in tone and messaging.

With the rise of remote and hybrid work environments, however, “corporate communications” means more than just company memos about new policies or benefits. Now, it also encompasses the everyday ways your team members, customers, and key stakeholders interact with each other, share information, and build relationships.

Addressing High-Stakes Moments in a Virtual World

During moments of high volatility, a thoughtful internal communications approach is especially important to communicate your organization’s intent and action both calmly and transparently. Internally, incidents can include a round of layoffs, a significant data breach, or even a scandal involving a senior leader.

Externally, high-stakes events that affect the business world are unfolding all the time. Just look at Disney’s tumultuous response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” legistlation, several major corporations’ swift reactions to the Roe v Wade decision leak, and Spotify’s rocky attempts to appease frustrated employees over the Joe Rogan misinformation controversy. According to an investigation by the Washington Post, “At a 2020 town hall where workers complained about Rogan, the company’s general counsel said if employees didn’t like the company’s stance, they could quit.”

You don’t want to be the company that stays silent, waits too long, or fumbles its messaging during one of these moments. But we’re living in a digital-first world now. Your organization can’t afford to take the time needed to develop a professional-grade video broadcast the traditional way to communicate your stance. At the same time, a static memo or company-wide email can feel impersonal and unsympathetic. Even a video conference call leaves much to be desired in terms of setting the right tone.

So what can organizations do to meet these moments? Tune in to our episode on the digital transformation of high-stakes communications to hear recommendations from forward-thinking enterprise leaders at PGi and DoubleLine Group.

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