How Webcast Technology Is the Future of Continuing Education

With the world changing at a faster pace than ever, education has shifted to hybrid and virtual events meant to make it possible for students to attend no matter where they are. So whether you’re teaching your existing employees new skills or getting new hires up to speed, webcasting is a great way to speed up the process and improve the results you get from your attendees.

Here are some of the ways webcast technology eliminates existing issues with traditional continuing education formats and makes the process of teaching easier and clearer.

Eliminate Issues with Physical Seminar Attendance

The most obvious advantage to transitioning to virtual events for continuing education is that it eliminates any issues with attending due to physical location. Employees in conflicting time zones and locations can attend live or on-demand, reducing the overall time it takes to get a full workforce trained in new technologies or procedures.

Drive Engagement and Interaction

Webcasting allows the presenter to engage with the attendees in multiple ways. This encourages everyone to participate in the training in some way. For example, those who don’t have a question can still participate in a poll or survey, while the audience chat feature allows them to connect with other attendees.

Measure and Report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The host and organizers can determine the success of the training session in multiple ways. GlobalMeet Webcast offers reports on engagement, behavior analytics, and demographics to paint a full picture of the attendance post-event. Presenters also have the ability to award attendees with duration-based certifications for course completions, rewarding those who do well in the session.

The capabilities of webcast technology mean that you can potentially have a small workshop with 50 attendees or an event packed with 70,000+ attendees. Using GlobalMeet Webcast software, you can measure the success of any continuing education event, no matter the size or topic. Visit the PGi website to find out more.

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