Understanding the Importance of Breakout Sessions

A full day of sessions and learning can be exciting for attendees initially, but as time passes, they can be overwhelmed and find it hard to absorb the information. That’s why in addition to short breaks, it’s important to add breakout sessions to the agenda.

What Is a Breakout Session?

Breakout sessions are small group sessions that allow participants to take a break from the main learning component of the event. These sessions are different from breaks because participants stay engaged with the presenter and other attendees. By playing games and doing other activities such as training boot camps and role plays, the attendees can reinforce what they’ve already learned and stay engaged.

Why Are Breakout Sessions Important?

Breakout sessions can be essential to let attendees take a break and absorb the information they’ve learned. Attendees can focus on specific topics in smaller group sessions and work through the parts of the information they may not fully understand. Popular types of breakout sessions might include:

  • Trivia, games, or another activity. Whether you choose bingo, treasure hunt, Jeopardy, or another spin on a classic game, the point of this session is to reinforce learning in a fun, casual setting.
  • Networking sessions where participants can introduce themselves and connect over similarities, like industry, position, or geographic location.
  • Question and answer sessions where you clarify any lingering questions from earlier sessions or take questions attendees have about your industry experience, the company’s mission, or upcoming events.

How GlobalMeet Webcast Makes it Easy to Include Breakout Sessions in Your Event

Using GlobalMeet Webcast’s enhanced portal, you can create breakout rooms in any meeting app of your choice (i.e., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, etc.). Simply add the scheduled breakout sessions to GlobalMeet Webcast’s enhanced portal so participants can go right to the appropriate room. Want to see how it works for yourself? Sign up for a demo today to see it in action.

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