GlobalMeet Webcast Partners with KUDO, Leading Multilingual Interpretation Platform, to Help Customers Reach Diverse, Global Audiences

As more virtual webcasts are broadcasted around the world, live interpretation services are needed to meet the demands of a global audience. An estimated 11 million meetings are held daily, and since 2020, 50% of employees are attending three or more virtual webcasts or weekly meetings.

With $37 billion lost each year due to unproductive meetings, it’s more important than ever for teams in organizations to run effective online events. To start, that means increasing accessibility and inclusion by offering simultaneous language interpretation to increase attendee participation and reach a wider audience.

Grow Your Business Globally with KUDO Interpretation

To help customers service global attendees in the comfort of their own language, GlobalMeet Webcast is partnering with KUDO, the leading multilingual interpretation platform. Powered by the world’s largest on-demand conference interpreters marketplace, KUDO Language Access offers the potential to reach multilingual audiences while addressing inclusion and accessibility needs for online webcasts. GlobalMeet Webcast customers can broadcast their next quarterly review, company all-hands, or virtual trade show to attendees in their own language, creating a frictionless viewing experience.

For GlobalMeet Webcast customers, the KUDO partnership enhances virtual events and integrates seamlessly with the platform. By leveraging the power of KUDO’s growing network of 12,000 interpreters, customers can experience simultaneous interpretation into 200+ spoken and sign languages.

Support Your Next Webcast with Simultaneous Interpretation

GlobalMeet Webcast customers can offer high-quality, engaging, multilingual events to broaden global reach, increase accessibility, improve attendee participation, and lessen misunderstandings. KUDO helps speakers and hosts be fully understood and creates a more efficient, productive webcast where everyone can fully understand the context and information. KUDO also offers on-demand interpreter booking for streamlined event logistics and supports up to 32 languages per event for 3,000 users per language.

Global enterprise organizations need to adapt to the ever-changing needs of a diverse audience, and language interpretation sets the foundation for an engaging webcast. To enhance your next webcast with KUDO, contact your GlobalMeet Webcast account manager.

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