How to Use a Webcast for Corporate Communication

Your organization’s Quarterly Business Review or All-Hands Meeting is coming up, and you need to host it online. Instead of feeling stressed and frazzled over presenting virtually now that employees are working remotely, try webcasts for corporate communication. Whether you’re presenting to 100 employees or 5,000 customers, creating a compelling, professional webcast is simple.

Be Confident in Your Agenda and Talk Track

For a high-stakes corporate webcast, be confident and excited about what you’ll talk about. Each speaker should prepare notes and talking points in advance, and it’s best to have a practice round or two. For example, if each department head will be sharing accomplishments and setbacks for their team’s quarter, they should be well-versed and ready for any questions.

Create an Opportunity to Open the Floor

During a C-level leadership presentation, it might not be appropriate to stop every slide and ask for interaction from employees. However, it’s still important to facilitate a two-way discussion, so save time for a Q&A session at the end. Assign a team member to monitor the chat discussion and save any questions that need to be addressed at the end.

Craft a Specific Tone for Each Audience

At the beginning or end of a quarter, you might give the same presentation to employees, investors, customers, partners, or a board. While the content might be similar, such as presenting sales revenue numbers and growth, you should tailor your presentation to each audience. For example, an investor presentation needs to be more buttoned up and polished, while an employee briefing might be a little more informal. Double-check that your tone and talk tracks are suited to exactly who you’re presenting to.

Corporate Communication

With GlobalMeet Webcast, corporate communication in a remote environment is even easier. With software solutions that offer self-service or managed support, you can focus on the message, not the technology. A branded experience allows for firm company identity and creates a structured experience online, while audience polling and Q&A features allow for appropriate interaction. Download GlobalMeet Webcast’s Event Planning Guide for more instructions on building a professional webcast experience for your next corporate town hall, business review, board meeting, or all-hands meeting.

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