The Importance of Security in Today’s Virtual/Digital World

When hosting a virtual event, it’s important for one to understand the significance of privacy and security breaches in today’s digitalized society. While you may think of privacy and security as similar concepts, they are slightly different. The good news is that choosing the right webcasting technology can help ensure both privacy and security. GlobalMeet Webcast uses enterprise-grade security measures to protect your event and your network.

The Difference Between Security and Privacy

Privacy ensures that competitors or anyone outside your organization aren’t listening in. You don’t want intruders accessing trade secrets or confidential material discussed in your virtual event. Security, however, ensures that hackers and other criminals can’t use your virtual event connection as a gateway to your entire network.

For some events, such as investor relations and HR benefits updates, it may be crucial for stakeholders to know that your event and its contents are kept private. In many cases, it’s the law to keep certain information confidential.

Likewise, if you’re holding a c-level quarterly update, you want your discussions kept private. The same goes for town halls where you may be sharing proprietary company information.

Build Trust through Security

Data breaches cost companies $4.24 million for each incident, according to the latest Cost of a Data Breach Report published by IBM and the Ponemon Institute. More than that, they can cost a company trust: the trust of its employees, customers, clients, and its partners. Security is crucial – and has been since the advent of the internet – to protect people’s personal information.

GlobalMeet Webcast Provides What You Need for Security and Privacy

GlobalMeet Webcast includes features such as multi-factor authentication, encryption technologies, security controls to obscure attendees’ names and other personal information if desired, and URL filtering and malware scanning to spot any potential bad actors or security threats.

GlobalMeet Webcast also offers the capabilities to lock the meeting against unwanted, uninvited attendees, meaning you can whitelist any attendees you would like to have access and block others. GlobalMeet can establish a waiting room to allow you to screen guests before entry and has the ability to restrict sharing to specific attendees or hosts and presenters only.

Whether you are looking to host a virtual or hybrid event, you’ll want to ensure the privacy and security of all attendees. Schedule a demo today to learn more about GlobalMeet Webcast and its enterprise-grade security.

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