Tips on How to Get the Most Out of a Live Event

While you want to present a webcast that attendees enjoy and find insightful, you also want to make sure the event helps you meet your organization’s goals. Whether you’re hoping to increase attendance for demand generation, empower attendees to ask questions, or build a reputation as a leader in your industry, a virtual event can help you reach those goals. Here are some tips on making your virtual event a success and getting the most out of each event you throw.

How to Host a Successful Live Event

  • Offer one-click access to enter the live event. This simple addition to your registration confirmations helps make it easier for attendees to access and join the event directly from their calendars.
  • Give registrants a way to contact you before the event. This lets them ask questions about the event before it happens and gives them a way to get help troubleshooting any issues they experience with the platform. In addition, simply having a way to reach you gives registrants a better impression of you and the brand you represent and can give you a reputation for good customer service.
  • Encourage attendees to chat with each other during the live event. They can help each other, answer frequently asked questions, and save time during Q&A for more complex questions.
  • Recognize that your event can present a rare chance for an attendee to ask questions and have them answered by high-ranking executives or industry experts. For example, virtual town halls allow employees to ask questions directly of leadership. Allow enough time for multiple attendees to ask questions and get a well-thought-out answer without rushing them along.
  • A great webcast will reward you by collecting lead generation data about your audience. GlobalMeet Webcast offers analytics that let you create follow-ups for lead generation and conversions. The availability of on-demand content post-event helps you reach people who couldn’t attend, and gives attendees a second chance to view your content, allowing your messaging to sink in.

With GlobalMeet Webcast, you have all the features you need to make your event a success built right into the platform. It’s easy to plan and execute a successful virtual event and get the most out of it, leaving your attendees impressed with your knowledge and planning skills.

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