How to Develop Tones Depending on Your Audience

In a world that craves good storytelling, your business might often find itself crafting narratives to reach your target audience. From highlighting the journey of a new product launch to an official corporate quarterly business review, your storytelling persona will vary from situation to situation. However, what happens if that message or story doesn’t land? If you’re struggling to make an impact with your message, the issue might be related to your tone. Your tone might be formal or informal, polished or colloquial, or motivational or somber, depending on the audience and the situation. Your tone in verbal communication is conveyed through your facial expressions, word choice, sentence structure, pacing, voice inflections, and more. Knowing your audience is critical to developing the right tones for the right context, making your communication more impactful and effective.

How to Know Your Audience

Start off by establishing your message. What are you trying to convey? Are you trying to sell a product, share information, or entertain? Knowing the context and goal of your message helps you develop a specific tone for your audience. From there, it’s important to understand the environment. Are you presenting at a virtual town hall? Are you giving a nerve-wracking report to investors? Different environments call for a change in tone and using the wrong voice at an inappropriate time can cause more harm than good.

How to Develop Multiple Tones

By creating and brainstorming different tones, you’re able to reach more audiences while also grasping their attention. For example, you wouldn’t speak to a new client the same way you would to a disgruntled customer. Their motivations and situation are entirely different; you might use an excited, inspiring tone with a new partner to kick off that new relationship, and you might use a more somber, serious tone to work through an issue with an unhappy customer. Speaking to each audience in their unique way helps you come up with the right content to present and guides your overall communication.

The Right Tone Helps Your Message Make an Impact

There is a common saying, “It’s not what you said; it’s how you said it.” How you communicate is often more important than what you actually say. As your business grows, remain flexible and adaptable as your audience may shift as you reach a larger pool of people. Before different types of speaking events, clarify the audience and the goal of your message, and build your specific tone from that information. This will help all your communication remain on-brand, appropriate, and effective.

Let Help Solidify Your Tone

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