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How the Right ABM Strategies for Webcasting Can Grow Your Client Base

ABM, or account-based marketing, has many advantages over other forms of marketing for many businesses. If your ideal clients are enterprise-level organizations looking for concierge services and a personalized touch, ABM strategies can help.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of ABM while also looking at ways you can increase your conversion rates through client webcasts.

Reduce Client Churn With ABM Webcasts

Well-designed webcasts can help reduce client churn by serving as an additional touchpoint to build relationships with your clients. ABM focuses on reaching all the decision-makers or executive leaders in a company, not just one or two. As a result, you can create loyalty for your brand across the organization, so even if your key contact leaves, you know you can retain the account.

Strategy: Personalize Your Webcast to Build Loyalty

One of the benefits of account-based marketing is you can reach multiple individuals within an organization at once. Your marketing materials will have the greatest impact if they are personalized for the organization, so make sure your webcast speaks directly to your audience and uses features such as audience polling and Q+A to create a personal experience.

Create personalized opening segments and include the account’s name in all marketing materials, and incorporate it as many times in the webcast as you can. Most importantly, your content should address the specific challenges of the company you’re connecting with.

Upsell New Features

You can use a webcast to connect with clients, provide product education, and, at the same time, upsell clients on new product features or expanded offerings.

Strategy: Get Your Sales Force Involved

Webcasts can be information and education-focused, helping you deliver a higher level of customer service. You can also introduce new products or features in a webcast. Make sure to get your whole team, including product developers and your sales team, involved to provide the education your customers need.

Qualify Leads and Get Buy-in From All Decision-Makers in a Company

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of marketers use webcasts to generate high-quality leads. Use webcasts at the top of your marketing funnel to find and qualify prospects. By using ABM strategies, you can reach all the decision-makers simultaneously, which can help streamline the sales process.

Strategy: Address Challenges in Your Webcast

Tailor your webcast to address the specific challenges your ideal customers are facing. You might even create multiple webcasts to address each of the different pain points of your client base. Then, use polling and Q+A to determine which segments resonate the most with your audience and tailor the conversation to address those challenges and specific solutions.

Webcasts are ideal for ABM since you can create content once and modify it indefinitely to reach different market segments and accounts with varying needs. Webcasting helps build customer loyalty and opens upsell opportunities by keeping a conversation going with your top enterprise-level clients. To learn more about how webcasting can support your ABM strategies, schedule a demo today.

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