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How to Cultivate High-Touch Virtual HR Events

More and more workers are operating remotely, and employees are increasingly becoming used to interacting over video. However, people-centered human resources events are tough to replicate in a virtual world. Technology glitches, awkward pauses, and two-dimensional events make it tough to maintain a high-touch environment for new team member orientations, icebreakers, quarterly business reviews, and more. Human resource events are less impactful when organizations aren’t using the best technology. Nevertheless, teams can more easily cultivate the desired high-touch HR events with a few quick adjustments.

Remove the Technology Barrier

Bad Wi-Fi, spotty audio, or glitchy video streaming makes it hard to have a normal conversation. When casually connecting with employees, you want technology like VoIP audio to reduce the friction of hosting an online human resource event. If you’re onboarding new team members, open the floor to Q+A to seamlessly communicate and get engagements from attendees.

Measure Employee Engagement

As an HR professional, your biggest success metric revolves around employee engagement. Did employees ask questions and participate in polls? Were they engaging via chat, or were conversations happening offline? Having a robust virtual events platform allows communication to happen with all team members and ensures everyone feels included. HR leaders have multiple ways to encourage conversation and participation with polls, chat, Q+A, and a customized conference page to open before the event.

Utilize GlobalMeet Webcast Technology for High-Touch HR Events

Read GlobalMeet Webcast and Socialive’s free guide, “The Transformation of Video in Financial Services,” to learn more about removing technology barriers to create high-touch HR events. HR events are incredibly important to organizations, especially remote workforces, and this guide offers potential solutions in the form of platforms like Socialive to streamline and scale video production without expensive hardware, complex platforms, or additional team headcount.

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