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How to Make Your Next Hybrid Event a Huge Success

Are you considering making your next networking conference a hybrid event? A hybrid event is simply one that combines both an in-person and virtual experience. It is successful when both in-person and virtual attendees can experience the event together, participate equally, and are offered the same engaging content.

But how can you ensure your hybrid event is a success for both you and the members of your networking organization, whether they are attending in person or virtually?

Choose a Powerful Keynote Speaker

You’ll want to choose a keynote speaker and other presenters that deliver value to your guests — but also to the networking organization. Consider how the speaker lineup can benefit both you and your members.

Play Games to Help Guests Warm Up

Meeting new people can be awkward, but it’s the main goal of a networking event. It can become even scarier if some participants are at home but still want to forge those personal connections.

Consider starting the event with a poll or a getting to know you exercise. Something as simple as charades or Pictionary can engage virtual and in-person attendees, lighten the mood, and get the laughter going.

Encourage Guest Interaction Both Online and in Person

Choosing the right hybrid event technology makes all the difference. Features like Q+A, polling and audience chat bring virtual attendees into the fold, encouraging them to interact with each other, event speakers, and network organization members who are in person.

Make sure to leave time at the in-person event for guests to mingle and, well, network. After all, making connections within their industry and other industries is why guests attend networking events.

Virtual chat rooms can make it easy for virtual guests to connect in a similar way. In-person attendees can even use their phones to log in and chat with virtual guests, so it feels like everyone is one big happy group!

Reach More People In Your Network with a Hybrid Event

Consider holding multiple events to reach attendees across time zones. Once the event has concluded, on-demand access is readily available for any guests who missed the event, or any attendee wanting a recap.

GlobalMeet Webcast offers hybrid events to cater to in-person viewing and live/on-demand access, giving you a wider reach and enabling people to watch or re-watch the event at their convenience.


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