The Ins and Outs of GlobalMeet Webcast’s Enhanced Portal

In the early days of the internet, simply having a website to sell your product or offer your service was enough to attract attention. But in the modern era, it isn’t enough to just have a site; your site also has to be easy to use, intuitive, and quick to load to keep the attention of today’s web users. The overall user experience and ease of use of the site are both major factors in the popularity of any online service. For example, simply being able to host a webinar via a specific technology or platform isn’t enough, a fact the GlobalMeet Webcast team recognizes. To provide a better overall user experience, GlobalMeet Webcast’s enhanced portal offers a way for organizers and potential attendees to stay organized, share information, and find out more about the event.

Why Does Your Company Need an Enhanced Portal?

With GlobalMeet Webcast’s enhanced portal, you can build your own personalized pre and post-conference pages for your organization’s events. We help you to create a dedicated space to showcase your rich content, supporting single or multiple events, videos, breakout sessions, chat, Q+A, speaker profiles, collateral downloads, and more.

GlobalMeet Webcast’s enhanced portal adds extra value to your virtual event by making things easier for both organizers and attendees. The tools built into the enhanced portal offer the following:

  • Supports single or multiple events
  • Variety of different layouts to choose from
  • Full-page background image or colored theme
  • Powerful branding options for logos and colors
  • No limits on speaker details including pictures and profiles
  • No design or programming experience is needed
  • Promote social media share buttons
  • Embed your important videos
  • Facilitates breakout sessions
  • Engagement options via audience chat and Q+A
  • Quick access to valuable downloadable collateral

The enhanced portal acts like a conference page, allowing a company to stay on brand and the team behind the webcast to analyze success from one simple starting point.

How the Portal Helps Attendees

The enhanced portal is a mini website designed to act as a one-stop shop for pertinent information about your event. Potential attendees can look at information about the event, see more about the presenter’s background, and book upcoming events directly to their calendars. From a user perspective, this is much simpler than seeking information from multiple different locations from your website, emails, and social media channels.

Having a hub for information that is easy for users to access is one way to encourage them to keep the webcast top of mind and increase the likelihood of attendance. Even those who cannot attend can use the portal to view the on-demand recording at their convenience.

To find out more about how GlobalMeet Webcast’s enhanced portal can be used to make your next virtual event more engaging, schedule a demo today.

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