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3 Ways to Create Stellar Virtual Event Content

Preparing engaging content for your online event takes a lot of work. From preparing your presenters to crafting an agenda and timeline to ensuring speakers have the right materials, it’s a critical part of planning a successful webcast. A successful virtual event is a combination of interesting content and engaging presenters, so you want to invest time to make sure your content is prepped and ready for the audience.

Here are three ways to make sure your content and presentations are relevant, engaging, and well-prepared.

1. Host a Practice Session with Speakers

Small technicalities or speaker transitions can throw off presenters the day of if they’re not prepared. It’s a good idea to host a dry run with the speakers running through their presentation and practicing handoffs, and if you have a moderator, they can practice intros and outros. You want to avoid awkward pauses or people not knowing what to say next, so iron out those technicalities during the dry run. You want your engaging virtual event to be smooth, frictionless, and focused on the presenters’ content.

2. Ask for Materials Ahead of Time

Nothing makes a presentation more stressful than trying to gather speaker materials only hours before the event starts. Set a firm deadline several days before the event, and ensure speakers submit all materials by that time. Follow-up emails, slides, visuals, and more should be ready well in advance for dry runs. Ensuring the timely delivery of these materials creates a smoother event experience and gives you time to edit content if needed. When speakers submit their materials last minute, it leaves no room for improvements or tweaks.

3. Adhere to an Agenda

With different presenters, hosts, and speakers, everyone might want their time in the spotlight. Having a tight timeline and agenda prepped ahead of time ensures the right content gets delivered at the right moment, and you have time to include everything. An agenda ensures everyone has their time to share, which keeps content polished and impactful instead of rambling.

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Content is king, and it’s essential that your event preparation focuses on ensuring the presenters’ content is engaging, informative, and entertaining. The right technology steps in to help make your virtual event seamless with rich audio and video. GlobalMeet Webcast offers a superior webcasting experience on an intuitive platform, so you can spend less time worrying about technology and more time creating interesting content for your audience.

Download GlobalMeet Webcast’s “Event Planning Guide and Checklists,” an e-book designed to help you organize your next great event.

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