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Creating A Successful 2023 Sales Kickoff: Ideas + Tips

Can you believe it’s time to think about 2023 sales kickoffs? It’s preparation time for 2023, and a premier event for any business is the annual sales kickoff. An ideal sales kickoff is a unique blend of celebration and planning, applauding the previous year’s wins while brainstorming a strategy for the following year. Teams can get aligned on goals and initiatives, awards might be given out, and all in all, it’s a pillar event to get the year started with success.

In today’s virtual environment, annual sales kickoffs might look a little different, but with powerful, seamless webcasting technology, teams won’t skip a beat when it comes to gearing up for the year. The 2023 sales kickoff might be entirely in-person, virtual, or a mix of both, depending on what your organization feels comfortable with.

What Is a Sales Kickoff?

What exactly needs to happen in a sales kickoff? The agenda typically includes team-building activities, leadership presentations, product updates, training sessions, employee celebrations, a recap of the previous year and goal announcements for the new year.

It often boils down to three key elements when structuring your event, so here are some important components for hosting an SKO.


Your sales leadership team might want to offer product training sessions, updates on the competitive landscape, or education on new frameworks and resources you’ll be implementing. The education content should be focused, relevant, and engaging.


Nothing gets sales teams hyped like sharing internal success stories. Take this time to share the journey of an underperforming rep who eventually exceeded their sales goal last year or a Sales VP who started in the dredges of an SDR role. This inspiration can also take the form of the CEO giving a keynote or presentation on where the company is going.


Like inspiration, celebrating top performers, the most improved, best attitude, top team players, and more helps set the tone for the new year. Spend some time highlighting the ideal sales rep and providing something reps can work towards. This also might look like bonuses or compensation awards.

3 Tips for Your 2023 Sales Kickoff

1. Educate on Upcoming Strategy Tactics

Are your competitors pushing extra hard for the same clients? Did you hear they’re doing something new this year? One of the biggest elements of SKOs is developing new strategies and tactics — whether that is a new outbound initiative or a special offer reps can promote. Staying ahead of competitors and keeping the sales team on the cutting edge of new tactics is important, and the beginning of the year is the perfect time to adopt these new strategies. Interactive elements in your webcasts allow reps to ask questions, chat back and forth take part in surveys and polls and participate in the education and learning instead of sitting quietly and staring at a screen.

2. Turn the Camera Around

Instead of leadership only presenting to the sales team, turn the (metaphorical) camera around with role-playing tactics, pre-prepared scripts or live practice sessions. Get reps involved ahead of the SKO by asking them to come prepared with answers, demos, or just prepared to get put on the spot. GlobalMeet Webcast makes switching between speakers seamless, so there are no awkward pauses as everyone waits for the technology to switch.

3. Don’t Forget the Follow-up

Your SKO is a one-time event but shouldn’t be forgotten about the next day. Send sales enablement materials to reps afterward, and in weekly and monthly meetings, stay consistent with the new tactics and strategies. Also, your SKO recording can form part of new hire induction and training and a reminder of strategies and incentivization for the year ahead.

GlobalMeet Webcast for Sales Kickoffs

For your annual sales kickoff, GlobalMeet Webcast can provide the highest-quality audio and video streaming solution along with audience engagement tools to get the most participation from sales reps. Plus, if your team decides you need extra help, our Managed Services team puts on thousands of global events every year and is ready to help execute yours with hands-on support. Schedule a demo today to learn more.

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