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How to Attract and Retain Talent with Video

It’s no secret that recruitment and talent acquisition is tough in a competitive job market. Only 46% of HR professionals in the U.S. are prepared to adapt to a virtual recruiting and hiring process, and The Great Resignation has brought job-hopping to an all-time high. One in five workers are planning to quit their job in 2022, and PeopleOps teams need to be ready for video-based interaction and engagement.

Video content is ready to meet the needs of HR teams in the financial sector, becoming a critical talent acquisition tool in dispersed work environments. Here are few ways HR teams can leverage video content to attract and retain talent:

More Engaging Onboarding

It’s hard to join a remote or hybrid workforce and only experience onboarding through reading volumes of information. Historically, in-person onboarding might have included meet and greets, lunches, in-person meetings, and other situations that made a person feel comfortable and welcomed. Now, training needs to happen over video so new employees don’t feel like they’re missing out with the added bonus of keeping one’s attention longer.

Better Talent Acquisition

Once new hires are onboarded, it makes sense to send all employees the same content. This helps create a consistent, standard experience across new and existing hires and helps everyone feel connected, regardless of location. Remote video production tools make it easy to improve this engagement through dynamic features but also empower HR teams to create this content independently.

Download The Transformation of Video in Financial Services

Read GlobalMeet Webcast and Socialive’s free guide, “The Transformation of Video in Financial Services,” to learn more about developing a clear strategy for talent teams and empowering video creators to create this content. This guide offers potential solutions in the form of platforms like GlobalMeet Webcast and Socialive to streamline and scale video production without expensive hardware, complex platforms, or additional team headcount.

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