Amplifying Sustainability in Your Organization Through Webcasts and Hybrid Events

Are you looking for ways to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and improve sustainability and accessibility? Companies like yours are increasingly looking to webcasts and hybrid events to reduce their carbon footprint and make events accessible to more people by removing geographical barriers.

Sustainability By the Numbers

First, let’s consider the statistics: Hosting a webcast vs. an in-person event can reduce the carbon footprint of that event by 90%. Even when you factor in electricity costs and bandwidth, you’ll see a dramatic increase in sustainability by eliminating travel, food production and food waste, and all the energy required by the lighting and audiovisual equipment during an in-person production.

If you opt for a hybrid event, with some presenters and attendees in person and others watching from their remote locations, you’ll reduce carbon emissions by 67%.

Improve Accessibility to Your Events

Companies often consider accessibility hand-in-hand with sustainability as part of their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives. ESG measures the sustainability and ethical impact of investing in a business or company. ESG is growing in importance, not just for companies seeking capital but for any company concerned about public image and looking to attract customers who share their values of sustainability, equality, and accessibility.

Hybrid events and webcasts have obvious advantages over in-person-only events. People who cannot travel due to disabilities, those who may be immune-compromised and still avoiding crowds, and those who live in rural areas who may have transportation issues getting to conferences in major cities can all benefit from webcasts.

Especially today, when airline prices continually rise and fewer flights are available, hosting a hybrid or virtual event improves accessibility for nearly everyone.

Showcase Sustainability by Walking the Walk

When you show your commitment to sustainability through your actions, which can run the gamut of installing electric vehicle charging stations in your office parking lot or installing solar panels for clean energy, you prove to your customers and employees that your ESG commitment is more than just lip service. One study found that 70% of millennials said they would remain more loyal to a company with a sustainability plan.

Hosting a webcast or hybrid event may be one of the most cost-effective ways to show your commitment to sustainability since it doesn’t require construction, permits, or permanent changes to your facility.

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