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Maximizing Your Town Halls to Produce More Engaged Employees

Maybe you have virtual town halls quarterly, monthly, or even weekly to keep remote employees engaged and thriving. Workers report feeling more disconnected from workplaces now that many organizations are fully remote or hybrid; for example, new hires feel more disconnected after onboarding remotely, but company town halls are a great way to connect and inform. They also help make team members feel tightly aligned with the company objectives and mission.

3 Ways to Produce More Engaged Employees

1. Offer Before and After Town Hall Events for Interaction

People who feel more closely connected to their coworkers are less likely to leave a position. Engaged employees are 59% less likely to seek a new job or career in the next 12 months, says a recent Gallup survey — liking and enjoying team members is a key part of that. GlobalMeet Webcast offers interactive elements like polling, audience chat, and Q+A to encourage engagement during the town hall.

2. Find Innovative Ways to Stay Productive

Highlight company and employee accomplishments, host a Q+A session, share project wins, and encourage positive feedback to help team members stay productive. Employees can listen to recorded town halls on-demand after the event to review topics and stay looped in if they couldn’t attend the event in real time. In today’s society, where remote work has become more relevant than ever, town hall meetings provide a way to keep employees and management connected.

3. Keep Time

Town halls can last long, and our attention spans max out after about 60 minutes of active listening. Between slides, financial information, company updates, and so much more, don’t let your town hall meetings go on for hours. To keep employees’ attention, aim for a town hall that's 45 minutes long with 15 minutes for questions at the end.

Let GlobalMeet Webcast Help Maximize Your Town Halls

While remote work options are proven to increase employee retention, they also come with employee engagement concerns. Elevate your town halls, and quickly and easily communicate company updates to hundreds or thousands of employees to help them stay engaged and productive.

Put our advice into action at your next virtual town hall meeting, and watch employees stay more energized and productive.

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