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How the Right Technology Can Improve Investor Days, Earnings Calls, and Other Investor Relations Events

As the pandemic forced companies into virtual meetings and remote work arrangements, more publicly owned companies are embracing virtual or hybrid formats for earnings calls, investor days, and other investor relations events.

If you’ve heard the expression, “the medium is the message,” this is especially true during investor outreach communications. Whether the message is to report high profits during an earnings call, or you are trying to get ahead of bad news or explain missed projections, an engaging, professionally produced webcast can leave investors with positive feelings about your company.

When you’re choosing the technology for high-stakes events involving investor outreach, you want to be sure you have the capabilities you need for a seamless event that will showcase your company in the best light. Fortune 500 companies rely on GlobalMeet Webcast for their high-profile, investor-facing events.

Bring Your Earnings Calls to Life

Earnings calls are not mandatory communications for publicly held companies, but they can be a smart way to show transparency and share financial results how you want them to be perceived rather than leaving them open for interpretation by investors and the media.

Earnings calls are open to the public and typically include an introduction, a welcome, a detailed overview, and a Q+A portion. Yet, it can be hard to keep listeners engaged during such a long, in-depth call. Analysts often respond to questions asked by the audience, and it can be hard to keep track of who is speaking.

Introducing a video element to your earnings calls can increase engagement and help ensure the message your company is sharing is received as intended. Through GlobalMeet Webcast, moderators can even consolidate questions during the Q+A format to streamline and simplify the call. Plus, you can dynamically change the layout of your presentation to control what investors see, from slides and videos to the speaker’s headshots. That way, you know your audience is focused on the points you want to emphasize.

Impress the Audience During Investor Days

Like earnings calls, Investor Days are not mandatory for companies. But it can be a smart choice to hold one to increase your company’s visibility and credibility and give your c-suite a chance to control the conversation.

Choosing a virtual or hybrid format for your Investor Days can open the event to a wider audience and even enable people to watch it on-demand at a time that fits their schedule. You can engage with investors through polling, surveys, and live Q+A sessions, giving you a better chance to get to know your audience and form a personal connection.

Investor Days, done well, can help a company secure venture capital, increase optimism surrounding the company, and even help increase stock prices. It’s important to have professional technology with customization capabilities that will help your event stand out, and an expert team available for set-up, moderation, and support throughout the event.

You Can’t Take Chances with Investor Relations Events

If you’ve never hosted a virtual or hybrid investor relations event, you might be reluctant to implement new technology. But with technology that maximizes the investor experience, ensures security with password-protected meetings, and can reach an international audience with ease, you’ll soon see the vast advantages of virtual IR meetings with GlobalMeet Webcast. Learn more today.

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