How to Craft High Impact Sales and Marketing Strategies via Webcast

How Virtual Event Analytics Drive Engagement and Opportunity

During live events, it’s easier to gauge the audience’s excitement, engagement, and participation. With virtual events, it’s more of a challenge to feel that energy throughout the room, but with in-depth analytics, your team can learn how to drive even more engagements, leads, and reach.

Gamify Engagement

What’s more fun than winning a prize or two? To keep your audience engaged, use clever tactics like incentive-based participation. For example, have participants submit a question before the live event. Not only will the presenter have a chance to think out thoughtful answers to harder questions, but having a prepared Q+A will encourage other participants to ask questions as well.

Don’t Underestimate Audience Chat and Q+A

People naturally want to participate in dialogue, so give them a chance to! Encourage attendees to use Q+A and audience chat during the event, and pepper in specific points throughout the event where you’ll ask for participation and feedback. Attendees might feel shy to engage, so it’s helpful to encourage participation.

Understand Your Audience

You want more than just a basic attendee number. Understanding who's a returning attendee, a new potential lead, a current client, or someone who has never had any interaction with your company is critical in creating post-event follow-up materials. Use GlobalMeet Webcast to sort through robust attendee profiles to guide your presentation content and post-event marketing.

Enhance The Virtual Meeting Before and After

With GlobalMeet Webcast’s event portal, you can build your own personalized pre and post-conference pages for your organization’s events. We help you to create a dedicated space to showcase your rich content, supporting single or multiple events, video, breakout sessions, chat, Q+A, speaker profiles, collateral downloads and more. Quick access to valuable downloadable collateral and much more gives marketing and sales teams in-depth buyer persona information and feedback on what content participants are most interested in.

Encourage Staying Until the End

It’s common for attendees to want to leave early but try offering a random prize to those who stay through the entire virtual event. This helps grab attention, increase reach, and keep attendees present throughout the presentation. With post-event analytics, you’ll be able to see average participation time to help analyze any major drop-off points.

GlobalMeet Webcast Offers Automated, Robust Virtual Event Analytics

Whether it’s an external product demo, quarterly all-hands, or an educational webinar, analytics drive more than simple insight into your audience. Analytics allow for improved ROI, increased reach and more, helping you maximize opportunities from every virtual event. Schedule a demo today.

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