Best Practices for Lead Generation for 2023 Through Webcasting

Tips for Lead Generation for 2023 through Webcasting

Heading into 2023, webcasting will be more relevant than ever for lead generation for brands in nearly every industry. But to make the most of your investment, you’ll want to follow best practices for your virtual event. So follow these steps to make the most of your webcast, from the first opt-in forms through follow-ups.

Start With Your Goals

Before you decide to host a webcast just for the sake of hosting an event, determine your goals and key metrics you’ll be tracking. Are you hosting a press conference to unveil a new product? Educating clients about new features? Or increasing your brand’s visibility amongst a specific demographic?

Virtual or Hybrid: Decide on Your Format

For two years now, people have grown accustomed to the virtual format for many events — from meetings and investor relations events to virtual workshops and conferences.

You may prefer a virtual event to reach more significant numbers of people across various time zones, book presenters who are in other countries or can’t travel to your event, or if certain technical elements of your event will work better virtually.

If you can’t think of a compelling reason to host an entirely virtual event, consider a hybrid format to reach a wide audience while enabling in-person interaction for a select group.

Choose Your Platform

The right technology makes all the difference when you’re hosting a webcast for lead generation. GlobalMeet Webcast provides the tools — and tech support — you need for a high-quality event. With features like audience chat, Q+A, polling, CRM integration, and on-demand recordings, you can keep audience members engaged and ensure they won’t forget you after the event.

Create an Agenda — and Stick to It

Meetings that drone on are the biggest time-killer and productivity drain in the business world. Likewise, a webcast without a clear purpose won’t get your prospects thinking favorably about your brand. Instead, create a streamlined agenda, which includes plenty of time for a Q+A at the end, and stick with it.

It helps to do a “dress rehearsal” or dry run to make sure there are no technical glitches, and the event flows smoothly.

Begin Promoting Weeks in Advance

Begin your promotions with emails, an opt-in landing page shared on social media, and follow-up posts to reach more audiences. A personalized reminder email sent from the presenter on the day of the event can help boost attendance rates.

Follow Up with Leads After the Event

Don’t forget to follow up with attendees and registrants after the event. Poll attendees on what they liked and what they felt you could do better next time. People love to feel valued and share their opinions.

Those who missed your webcast but registered can view it on demand. Once they’ve viewed your webcast, you can follow up in the same manner, asking questions to better ascertain their needs or having a member of your sales team reach out.

GlobalMeet Webcast makes it easy to host a successful virtual event for lead generation. Reach out today to learn more.

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