How Video Makes Your Wealth Management Firm Stand Out

With 275,000+ financial advisors in the U.S., how are you differentiating your business from the rest? The wealth management market is vast, with leading industry players boasting over 50,000 individual financial advisors. In a sea of sameness, your financial advisors must stand out to succeed. More than deep analytical skills, a passion for financial planning, and a desire to help clients, utilizing the latest technology like video can help you stand out in the busy financial sector.

An astounding 90% of financial organizations operate remotely or in a hybrid model, making video production a challenge. Add in time constraints, budget constraints, limited bandwidth, and the steep learning curve of video, and it can seem like an impossible hill to climb.

However, platforms like Socialive and GlobalMeet Webcast allow wealth management firms to streamline and scale video production — without learning tons of new technology or software. Here are a few best practices for crafting high-quality video content that deepens client relationships and drives more business revenue.

4 Ways to Use Video in Wealth Management

1. Start Simple With Streaming

Turning on the camera and hitting “start” is a simple way to dip your toes into the world of video. You can repurpose these webcasts into YouTube videos or chop them up into snackable segments to disseminate to clients through email. Maybe you could start by hosting a monthly webcast breaking down top market and investing trends and then send out a two-week email nurture sequence to bring your message home. GlobalMeet Webcast provides robust analytics and tracking to help you see exactly which clients are attending and engaging.

2. Embrace In-House Production

You might think you need to outsource video to an expensive production studio, but the best video is often created by your financial advisors in-house. In-house video content often feels more authentic and even more engaging, and consumers respond better to less-produced content that feels more like having a real conversation.

3. Build Your Video Muscle with Repetition

Just like any new skill, it takes practice to feel comfortable and confident. Encourage yourself and your employees to turn client calls into video meetings, one-dimensional slide presentations into a more dynamic conversation, and written quarterly updates into a webcast. The more you can get used to utilizing video constantly, the easier and quicker video will come. Solutions like GlobalMeet Webcast make it simple for beginners to get started and for more advanced users to take their own production to the next level.

4. Create a Resource Library

Clients want to watch content on their own schedule the way they want, and they might not always have time to tune into a webcast. Storing video content in an on-demand resource library allows clients to learn more when they have the time. Include contact information for them to quickly get in touch if they have questions and frequently share and link back to this valuable library.

Utilize GlobalMeet Webcast in the Financial Sector

GlobalMeet Webcast helps to create compelling virtual and hybrid events. For financial advisors and wealth management firms looking to stand out from the crowd and learn more about creating strong relationships with clients and generating more revenue through virtual events, visit our Financial Services industry page.

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