How the Tech Industry Can Benefit from Virtual Events

Whether you run a SaaS firm, provide comprehensive IT solutions to global companies, or develop the latest technology in any industry, you can benefit from webcasts to establish your company as an industry leader.

Finding the right solution with the capabilities you need is the cornerstone of a successful webcast. Let’s look at some of the advantages of webcasts for lead generation, branding, and even one-to-many sales, and then find out how GlobalMeet Webcast can help.

Generate Excitement Surrounding Your Products

Webcasts work to generate excitement and build trust with end-users at any stage of the sales funnel. With in-depth analytics, you don’t have to guess about the success of your webcast or on-demand offerings. Interactivity features like audience chat, polling and Q+A keep viewers engaged and help you determine which portions of your programming resonate the most with your audience.

Most of all, you can offer product-focused information and education in a compelling way. Personalize content to your audience and generate excitement, freeing up your sales team to close the deals.

Build Brand Recognition

Your brand is your calling card. As a tech company, you want to show that you are an industry leader in every area of technology — and that means personalized webcasts that shine. Customize colors, logos, and other elements of your webcast to put your brand at the forefront.

Let Your Customers Be Your Best Marketers

Chances are, you have clients who already know and love your services. Let them be your biggest cheerleader with guest speakers, pre-recorded videos, and testimonials that showcase your technology’s most useful features and benefits. GlobalMeet Webcast lets you put it all together seamlessly for a professional experience.

Of course, you can always count on crystal clear audio and video to present your message in the most engaging way possible.

Establish Your Company as a Thought Leader in the Field

Webcasts can serve many purposes, including generating leads, educating end-users about product features, or unveiling new products or product capabilities.

Thought leadership is not just a marketing buzzword today. It is crucial for technology companies to build trust and stay top-of-mind with their clients and prospects. Lead the conversation in a compelling, dynamic way and allow your audience to review them again — and again — with on-demand viewing.

Protect Proprietary Technology, Knowledge, and Insights

Whether you are hosting a new product launch or an investor relations earnings call, certain information should not reach the ears or eyes of competitors or the public. Enterprise-level security helps you maintain compliance across the world while protecting the security of your proprietary information and innovations.

Gated access, password protection, and login authentication protect your intellectual property and brand reputation.

Generate Revenue

Of course, putting your brand at the front of the conversation is important. But when it comes down to it, you’re probably thinking, “Show me the money.”

API integration with your CRM and other tools enables your sales team to follow up with leads after the webcast, address their specific pain points, and close deals to hit sales goals.

Room to Scale

GlobalMeet Webcast provides the ability to sell, promote, and build brand trust through one-to-many conversations, which is efficient and cost-effective. As your company grows, you can scale to reach global audiences of thousands if needed.

GlobalMeet Webcast can help you present your company — and every event — in the most professional way possible, reflecting the services and products you provide. Reach out to schedule a demo today.

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