Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely is a work-life juggler with three little monsters, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book-a-holic, Atlanta transplant and PR/social/content strategist (and presentations nerd) for PGi.

20 Epic CEO Quotes to Help You Conquer the World | Motivational Quotes for Work

When you wake up in the morning, are you excited to begin another workday? Are you striving to achieve more, to sell your idea or create something that’s never been created before? Or are you frustrated, hitting the wall to find out what your professional passion truly is? Sometimes, a little motivation goes a long way, and some of the …

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13 Tips for Unforgettable Webinar Presentations

What do we want in our webinar presentations? “You like me, you really like me!” What we get? “ZZZZZZZZZZ!” Truly awesome webinar presentations engage, awe, thrill, reveal and excite. Every marketing expert, public relations executive and corporate communications manager know, however, that hosting a truly epic webinar is like hitting the jackpot. You want to engage your audience without inundating …

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[Infographic] Is Virtual Reality Technology the Future of Work?

Is the future of work virtual reality technology for the virtual workplace - the VR workplace?

Typically associated with computer gaming or a Keanu Reeves sci-fi movie, virtual reality (VR) might be in your workplace sooner than you’d think. This infographic from PGi, a global leader in and services, shows that excitement is building for the potential power that VR and 3D technology represents, particularly in the way work gets done. VR might just be the future …

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PGi & Innovative iMeet Web Conferencing App Bring Home Gold & Silver Stevie Awards

We are honored to announce that PGi was awarded two Stevie® Awards at The 2014 American Business Awards℠—gold for “Company of the Year” and silver for our innovative iMeet® app for Android™. “We are thrilled and honored to be recognized by The American Business Awards for our long-standing commitment to provide innovative, simple and powerful collaboration solutions that help our …

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10 Secrets to Building a Happy Workforce

productivity, human capital, worker satisfaction

Does your company have a happy workforce? 70% of employees are actively disengaged at work. 1/3 of employees say their managers don’t listen. Are you listening? “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi How would your employees answer? My company makes …

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Mystery Solved! What the Top 20 Business Buzzwords Really Mean

We’ve heard them in every business meeting, email and presentation. Buzzwords. Phrases that leave us scratching our heads or grimacing with their constant use. Their original meanings forgotten, these words and phrases buzz around conference rooms and online meetings in reckless abandon, often leaving us mere business mortals baffled. Our newest SlideShare deck reveals what the top 20 business buzzwords …

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7 Exhilarating ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos from PGi CEO and Associates

PGi accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge™! Associates from all over the world rallied to Strike Out ALS, challenging coworkers and even executives to dump or donate. CEO Boland T. Jones joined in the effort to spread awareness. Enjoy the hilarious videos below—including Boland’s!—and join PGi associates as they share in the fun and charitable giving on PGi’s Instagram: …

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11 Productivity Hacks to Reclaim Your 40-Hour Work Week

In our recent #TakeBack60 survey, 60 percent of our customers responded that they use technology to automate business processes. But the time-honored to-do list took top honors, with 64 percent saying they still check items off their list to be more productive at work. What productivity tips do you use to boost productivity and take back that much-needed personal time …

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Winding Down the Work Week [Infographic]

The lines have blurred between work hours and personal time. In our newest infographic, Winding Down the Work Week, explore the changes in businesses around the world as the 40-hour work week continues its shift toward the workplace of the future. null Work emails, schedules and documents are accessible (even editable) on mobile devices, bringing the workplace to anywhere with …

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14 Ways to Experience World Cup 2014 at Work | Productivity

14 ways to be productive at work during World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014 is all soccer/football/futbol fans are thinking about, talking about, tweeting about, IM’ing about and obsessing about. It’s so humongous for people across the globe that today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to keeping workers up-to-date on wins, losses and game-time updates. To indulge your World Cup fandom AND keep your job, here are 14 ways to experience World …

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7 Things the World Cup Teaches Us about Meetings

If you’re anything like us here at PGi, the World Cup is an absolute obsession. Football (or soccer for us Americans) is the globe’s most popular sport, and the World Cup is the pinnacle of that popularity. According to FIFA, over a billion people—nearly half of all people on the planet—tuned in to watch the 2010 World Cup final. Thanks …

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25 Creativity Quotes to Inspire Innovation

creativity quotes for inspiration innovation

Need a little inspiration? The top 25 creativity quotes of all time from the smartest, most innovative people in our world, today, tomorrow and yesterday. Any quotes to add? [slideshare id=35540165&doc=25-creativity-quotes-to-inspire-innovation-140605145738-phpapp02] “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams “Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” – …

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Top 10 Gifs for Your Job Search

Out looking for a new job and need a little career pick-me-up? Here are my top 10 gifs for your job search, whether you’re a Millennial looking for your first job out of college or a professional seeing if the grass really is greener on the other side. In either case, happy job hunting! 1. That moment when you find …

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10 Things You Need to Know About National Small Business Week

In its 51st year, we are excited to see National Small Business Week come to one of our U.S. offices.  PGi’s Kansas City office, home to nearly 300 employees, is excited about attending the KC leg of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) annual Small Business Week road tour. Not familiar with National Small Business Week? Here are 10 things …

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7 Telecommuting Personalities – Which One are You? Free eBook and Quiz

A recent PGi telecommuting survey revealed that 80% of us work for companies with telecommuting programs. But is your personality built for telecommuting success? Take this quick poll to find out which personalities are in your team – and which personality you are. Now that you know what personality you are – and which telecommuting personalities are in your team …

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10 Productivity Hacks for Spring Cleaning Your Work-Life

It’s spring cleaning season for your work-life! Tidy up that desk, clean out your inbox, organize your to-do list and use this slideshow with PGi’s top 10 productivity hacks. Your work-life balance will be aligned with just a few tweaks, boosting your productivity at work and your happiness at home (even if you work at home!). [slideshare id=33271674&doc=10productivityhacksforspring-140408082749-phpapp02] 10 Productivity …

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[Infographic] Telecommuting: How Modern Knowledge Workers Thrive

How do knowledge workers fit into the organizational ecosystem? As their numbers increase in businesses all across the world, so do telecommuting and flexible work, according to a recent PGi infographic. null Over the past 20 years, telecommuting has been on the rise, as knowledge workers—engineers, writers, consultants, developers and others—grow in numbers throughout the global workforce. Unlike hands-on employees, …

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The Smartest Sales Webinar with New York Times Bestselling Author Dan Solin

imeet online meetings

New York Times bestselling author Dan Solin, creator of the new “The Smartest Sales Book You’ll Ever Read,” is the third featured speaker in the 5-Minute Webinar Series, sponsored by iMeet®. The series helps business professionals learn more about key topics, including sales techniques, social media tips, productivity best practices, presentation ideas and more. For more webinars, visit PGi on …

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Top 5 Slideshare Presentations for Telework Week 2014 | Telecommuting and Flexible Work

It’s the second day of Telework Week 2014, and we couldn’t be more excited about all the goodness coming from businesses and employees everywhere. If you’re a telecommuter wanting to be more productive, a manager of a remote team or just dipping your toe into the telework waters, here are 5 Slideshare presentations that will help you learn more about …

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How to Write a Perfect Tweet | 5-Minute Webinar by BrandGlue

Did you know that 75 percent of buying decisions are influenced by social media? This new reality for sales, marketing, advertising, business development, executives and even HR recruiters has many of you scrambling to figure out how to build your reputation and network on the top social media sites. But how do you know which messages to post that will …

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