Joshua Erwin

Josh is a content creator and strategist with a passion for all things tech, such as the latest gadgets, apps, games and more. Josh loves listening to and playing music and is a big college football fan, especially for his alma mater Georgia Bulldogs. When not writing for PGi, you’ll find him gaming or drumming on Sundays for the Atlanta Falcons.

10 Tips for More Engaging Online Meetings

Keeping your participants attentive and engaged is a challenging part of any meeting, but with online meetings it can be even tougher. You don’t know if your guests are paying attention or multitasking on their smartphone. With that in mind, here are 10 tips to try to make your next online meeting more engaging for you and your attendees: [slideshare …

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Leverage Webinars Internally for Virtual Town Halls


When we hear the term “webinar,” we tend to think of an online educational session, speaker or Q&A session designed to simulate an in-person event online. A company we like hosts the event, the topic piques our interest, we sign up and attend to gain some (hopefully) valuable new insights on our role, department or industry. But what about leveraging …

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My Telecommuting Personality: The Distracted Worker

In our recent eBook “7 Telecommuting Personalities”, we outlined 7 distinct personalities of workers who engage in remote work, telework or flex work, including common personality traits, needs, technological requirements for online meetings and more. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses are a vital part of any workplace endeavor, but telecommuting presents a unique series of challenges to maintaining efficiency and …

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5 Must-Read Articles in The Future of Business Collaboration Flipboard

future of business collaboration

Did you know that PGi has its very own Flipboard magazine, conveniently titled “The Future of Business Collaboration?” The Flipboard platform is one of the best applications out there for curating content, and we’ve been leveraging its powerful magazine feature to find and highlight collaboration stories from across the web. Here’s a round-up of some of the most interesting stories …

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Do’s and Don’ts for Friday Meetings

friday meetings

Everyone – we made it. It’s Friday, and there’s only a few short hours left between us and all of the home improvements, sports, friends, concerts or whatever it is that you’re passionate about when you’re not getting paid. There’s only one problem: your Friday calendar is still stuffed with meetings! So much for TGIF. Take heart, collaborators. Here are …

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Web Conferencing Comparison: What to Know When Buying

web conferencing

As with any business software buying decision, comparing web conferencing solutions to one another can be a long, drawn-out and confusing process. The variety of features and the overall complexity of modern business collaboration can make choosing the right collaboration solution for your business an intimidating prospect. The next time you or your organization are making a web conferencing comparison, …

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What Does the Future of Business Collaboration Mean to You? (Part 2)

business collaboration

As part of the launch of the Future of Business Collaboration blog, we polled all of PGi’s 2,100 associates across the globe with a simple question: what does the Future of Business Collaboration mean to you? These men and women are the beating heart of business collaboration for businesses all over the globe, so we knew the responses would be …

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What Does the Future of Business Collaboration Mean to You? (Part 1)

future of business collaboration

As part of the launch of the Future of Business Collaboration blog, we polled all of PGi’s 2100 associates across the globe with a simple question: what does the Future of Business Collaboration mean to you? These men and women are the beating heart of business collaboration for businesses all over the globe, powering virtual collaboration, online meetings, audio conferences, …

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How to Make Online Meetings Less Boring

online meetings

Do you audibly groan whenever a new online meeting invite arrives in your inbox? Do you look at your calendar with a sense of dread at the sight of all of those online meetings? Have you ever faked an excuse to avoid that meeting you really didn’t want to attend? If so, you might be having boring online meetings. Take …

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10 Stats on Workation Nation & The Virtual Workforce

As the school year draws to a close and warmer temperatures approach, everyone’s thoughts turn to ditching the office for sun, sand and shore. However, it can be practically impossible to fully unplug these days; it’s so easy and tempting to stay connected to the office with our smartphones always nearby. Some people are even turning to workations to fit …

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PGi Sponsoring the 2014 TechBridge Digital Ball

techbridge digital ball

This weekend, Atlanta’s own TechBridge, a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping other non-profits with affordable technology and expertise, will host its 14th annual TechBridge Digital Ball, a gala networking event and fundraiser. The fundraiser supports TechBridge’s efforts of helping non-profit organizations update and modernize their software and hardware, reduce technological inefficiencies and lower technology costs so that they can focus …

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3 Tips to Organize Your Virtual Office Space

virtual meetings

In a work world increasingly dominated by mobile devices, virtual meetings and telecommuting, our “offices” are becoming more and more virtual. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, at your favorite coffee shop, in the car or at your desk, you’re in your “office” and ready to work. However, like any office, even a virtual office can quickly become overrun …

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5 Other Ways to Use Your Online Meeting Tool

online meeting tool

As passionate collaborators, we spend a lot of time talking about having better meetings here at PGi. Online meeting tools like iMeet® and GlobalMeet® are designed to make your meetings simpler, more effective and more productive. But they don’t just have to be for meetings! The technology powering online collaboration can be used for a variety of fun uses that …

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The 7 Worst People You Meet on Conference Calls

There’s something about the comfortable visual anonymity of the conference call that brings out the worst in people. It’s like they think “Well, no one can see what I’m doing, so let’s see how disruptive I can be!” Here are the 7 absolute worst people you meet on conference calls on a daily basis. Any of these sound familiar? 1) …

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What Are Some Ideas for Running Productive Online Meetings?

With a forecasted 1.3 billion mobile workers worldwide by 2015, online meetings are simply becoming a way of life for businesses of all sizes across the globe. Telework, remote work and flexible working arrangements are slowly becoming the rule rather than the exception, which means that more of us are having meetings online in at least some capacity. There are …

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Are You Productive When Working Remotely?


According to PGi’s latest survey and infographic, 80% of businesses are now offering employees the option to telecommute. With remote work continuing to grow as a workplace trend, there’s one very important question we need to ask ourselves: are we actually productive while working remotely? While most people dream of being able to work from home, it’s not for everyone; …

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How Mobile & Social Are Driving The Virtual Workplace

mobile virtual meetings

Businesses across the globe are increasingly moving towards a more virtual workplace. With the number of worldwide mobile workers forecast to reach 1.3 billion by 2015, businesses have to adapt their technology offerings to meet the needs of the new virtual worker. Two technology trends have impacted the creation of the virtual workplace more than any other: social technologies, such …

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Nerd Alert: The Wearable War Heats Up with Android Wear

android wear

Wearable technology is a trend that has this nerd very excited for 2014. Technology such as smart glasses and smartwatches raise very interesting possibilities for the future of information, context and communication. While health trackers such as the FitBit® and Nike+ Fuelband have been on the scene for some time now, the latest shots of the modern smartwatch battle were …

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The New Virtual Face of HR: Collaborative Conversations with Kim Pettibone

The trend of conducting face-to-face, online job interviews has increased 49% since 2011. Technology is revolutionizing all aspects of HR, from identifying candidates, interviewing, onboarding, conducting orientations and more. I had the opportunity to discuss technology’s impact on HR with Kim Pettibone, PGi’s Human Resources and Talent Management Director and an HR professional with over 20 years of experience. Josh …

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Agile Development Webinar with the Agenday Team


Have you had a chance to download and try Agenday yet? We’re excited to have finally revealed our latest project to the world and we hope it’s making your days more productive, less stressful and more efficient, whether you’re working in the office or on-the-go. The team that developed Agenday, the PGi Innovation Lab, is a small, nimble group within …

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