Joshua Erwin

Josh is a content creator and strategist with a passion for all things tech, such as the latest gadgets, apps, games and more. Josh loves listening to and playing music and is a big college football fan, especially for his alma mater Georgia Bulldogs. When not writing for PGi, you’ll find him gaming or drumming on Sundays for the Atlanta Falcons.

GlobalMeet 3.1: Faster, Easier and Simply Better Web Conferencing for All

GlobalMeet Video Streaming

PGi‘s cloud-based web conferencing solution, GlobalMeet, has always provided easy-to-use, high-quality virtual meetings with powerful mobility and industry-leading features, including our user-driven online support system, the GlobalMeet Community. The newest version of GlobalMeet, GlobalMeet 3.1, has arrived, and we wanted to give you an overview of the features, improvements and enhancements we’ve included in the latest version. For more information …

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Collaborative Conversations: Ryan Rutan, Community Marketing Manager for Jive Software

iMeet Community

We’re big fans of Jive Software here at PGi. Both our internal employee community and our external service communities such as the iMeet Community and GlobalMeet Community are powered by the Jive platform. It seemed fitting, then, to interview Ryan Rutan, Community Marketing Manager for Jive, about the significance of both Jive as a platform and the increasing trend of …

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Is Cloud Computing Secure?


Swapping on-site, tangible data storage such as hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and flash drives for remote, on-demand delivery of files is increasingly commonplace. Streaming video is pushing aside DVDs. The newest Apple iMac desktop computer doesn’t have an optical drive and can’t read CDs or DVDs. A new generation of laptop computers — Chromebooks — run on Google’s browser-based, cloud-focused …

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What on Earth is Vlogging?


Vlogging is a form of blogging through which the main medium is video, short for video blogging. It’s become increasingly popular over the years as a way to reach the masses. In his book, “The Naked Lens: Video Blogging and Video Journaling to Reclaim the You in YouTube,” Michael Kaminsky discusses the history of vlogging. Vlogging began in the year …

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Collaborative Conversations: Jeffrey Siegel, Plantronics VP of Strategy and New Business Development

This week, PGi and Plantronics announced a new strategic alliance, bringing the power of Plantronics’ Contextual Intelligence headsets to iMeet. The powerful sensors in the Voyager Legend UC line of headsets will now communicate your state to iMeet; take off your headset and iMeet will show you as muted or walk away from your computer and iMeet will set your …

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5 Advantages of Holding Virtual Meetings for Small Business Owners


In today’s ever-changing business landscape, more and more independent small business owners are looking nationwide or even globally to find quality employees. But how do you keep everyone in the loop in spite of being geographically divided? Thankfully, we’re in the Internet age. The virtual meeting – aka web conferencing – has come of age, and location is no longer …

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PGi and Plantronics Power Smarter Working with Next-Generation Integration

iMeet Responds to Touch

PGi is thrilled to announce a new strategic alliance with Plantronics, a global leader in audio communications for businesses and consumers. Today, PGi and Plantronics launched a new integrated solution, bringing the power of Plantronics’ contextual intelligence technology through its Voyager Legend™ UC headset to iMeet™. So what exactly is contextual intelligence? Contextual intelligence allows the Voyager Legend UC headset …

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What Not to Wear in a Video Conference Call

I am the queen of video conference calls. That’s right. I hid three pregnancies, the chicken pox, and a hideous rash — all while videoconferencing my way into the ranks of the Mother Nature Network. Here’s the lowdown on how to do it, and do it well. Never wear anything that gives the illusion that you’re naked This may seem …

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Three Ways Video Conferencing Reduces Costs for Recruiters


In today’s world, searching for a job or a qualified applicant to fill that job is an almost entirely digital affair. Powerful networking sites like LinkedIn allow recruiters to quickly identify, filter and contact top talent. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook give job seekers unprecedented access to companies and their employees. And easy-to-use video conferencing solutions have shrunk …

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Tech Tools That Make Collaboration Easier

iMeet HD for iPad

At first glance, collaborating in today’s tech-centric business world can seem a bit daunting. How are you going to meet? How are you going to schedule it? How are you going to remember that you scheduled it? And how are you going to meet effectively to maximize the benefit of your collaboration, whether meeting with your team in the office …

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7 Ways Crowdsourcing is Influencing the World


With online social interactions becoming a huge part of our day-to-day lives, both for personal use through Facebook or Twitter and for work with the growing phenomenon of social business through platforms like Jive, the influence of the crowd has become a major factor in our world. Whether it’s IT decision makers allowing employees to have a say in software …

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Seven Signs that Your Meeting is Unnecessary

unnecessary meetings

As the Meetings Experts, we’re a little partial to our meetings around here at PGi, but we’re also realistic: we know that you find yourselves in meetings sometimes that are completely unnecessary. And no, not “unnecessary” meaning “you didn’t want to go.” Rather, there are times when meetings aren’t properly organized to be successful, and are unnecessary because they’re wasting …

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7 Warning Signs of a Bad Meeting

iMeet Video

While sometimes a dreaded “bad meeting” can sneak up on you without warning, often times there are telltale signs to look out for that signal that an “ugh meeting” moment is on the way. If any of these 7 pop up at the beginning of your next meeting, brace yourself – or run for the hills. 1) No One Knows …

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7 Dangerous Meeting Personalities and How to Keep Them on Track

Dangerous Meetings

Whenever you’re meeting with a group, diverse meeting personalities emerge. Sometimes they work in harmony, fostering collaboration, creativity, and ultimately, productivity. However, occasionally more dangerous personalities bubble to the surface, personalities that have the capability to empower your meetings if properly handled, or ruin them if left unchecked. Here are 7 of the worst offenders and suggestions on how to manage …

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Go Mobile the Right Way: Simple Mobile Meeting Tips

iMeet Mobile

We’re big fans of meeting on the go here at PGi. We even cut our very own award-winning digital nomad Cora Rodenbusch loose around the world for almost a year, and we continued to work and collaborate closely with her during that time. There are some pitfalls with mobile meetings though, especially when it comes to connecting and maintaining quality …

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