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World Telecommunications Day

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Established in 1969 by the United Nations, World Telecommunications Day highlights the most popular global technologies and raises awareness of how the internet helps advance international society. What Is World Telecommunications Day? World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) helps raise awareness of the possibilities that widespread internet access and other information and communication technologies (ICT) can bring to society. …

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This World Earth Day, Plan to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with a Hybrid Event

You know that virtual events — just like in-person meetings and events — require energy in the form of electric use, equipment, and typically even office space. But you might be surprised to discover that the carbon footprint of a fully virtual event drops by 90% compared to a fully in-person conference. Shift to a hybrid event, and you’ll save …

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Corporate Communications

GlobalMeet Webcast can handle all types of corporate communications events, be it a Sales and Marketing Town Hall, a CEO Briefing, Senior leadership calls, Departmental Town Halls, HR events such as a benefit and pension update, wellbeing updates and policy and compliance training. A move to GlobalMeet Webcast for all your corporate communications makes preparations for the webcast simpler for …

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Discover the Joint Power of GlobalMeet Webcast’s Integration with Hive Streaming

Using video platforms to connect with employees or customers may have peaked in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s unlikely to drop in popularity anytime soon. ® Webcast, in partnership with Hive Streaming allows you to analyze your efforts and review key performance indicators (KPIs) to refine your presentations and make them more effective and engaging. Here are some …

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How Hive Video Analytics Can Power Actionable Webcast Insights

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Webcast insights can be powerful as they help you decide what is working and what aspects need improvement to better connect with the audience. Hive Video Analytics by Hive Streaming offer a new, innovative way to understand and optimize the performance of your live events. Increased monitoring, tracking, and reporting are powered by aggregated metrics that you can easily review …

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How to Create a Happy Workforce & Reduce Churn in a Remote World

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Many companies focus their efforts on hiring the best and brightest employees. But amidst the Great Resignation, when 4.5 million employees left their jobs, perhaps human resource directors and company executives should be looking for ways to reduce churn. Reports say as many as 30% of employees who quit last year were seeking greater flexibility. Finding ways to let employees …

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4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Webcast for Demand Generation

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A webcast can be a highly effective tool for demand generation and lead generation. But only if you can engage audience members to get them thinking fondly about your offerings and create customer loyalty. A basic lecture or “talking head” product presentation won’t cut it for today’s audiences, who expect more from nearly every entertainment experience — even an educational …

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