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Video Production Company Turns to GlobalMeet for Stress-Free Broadcasting

For 25 years, Big Shoulders Digital Video Production (BSDVP) has produced high-quality videos for projects of all types and sizes. While they’re popular in their hometown of Chicago, they also provide services worldwide, particularly for corporate clients.

A New Request From Major Clients

In recent years, Big Shoulders has seen an influx of clients requesting webcasting and broadcasting for high-profile events, as well as onsite video production.

Most often, these customers have never handled a major live-streamed event before, and their marketing teams aren’t equipped to do it on their own. With a sizable slice of the budget on the line and a global audience to captivate, these corporate clients need 100% confidence that all filming, production, and transmission will be flawless.

Big Shoulders Meets GlobalMeet Webcast

Accordingly, Big Shoulders needs to have total confidence in their video streaming and broadcasting for these events. Filming high-profile events can be very complex, and the clarity of the broadcast can depend on hundreds of variables. To ensure seamless webcasting, Big Shoulders trusts GlobalMeet Webcast, as well as our experienced streaming team.

“The streaming team works with our on-site video crews and asks the right questions behind the scenes to handle the event,” said Big Shoulders Vice President and Partner Brad Fox. “GlobalMeet Webcast makes broadcasting events stress-free. The platform is completely scalable, so it can handle any audience size.”

Read the complete case study here. 

The Competitive Edge

In addition to reliability, Big Shoulders retains GlobalMeet Webcast because of its feature-rich platform, which provides a competitive edge. For example, the platform’s branding options allow each Big Shoulders customer to showcase its brand on event materials. Audience engagement features, such as live Q&A, polling, and social media feeds also set Big Shoulders apart in clients’ eyes.

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