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5 Features to Look For in a UCaaS Solution

A united effort gets more done, moving forward as a connected and organized unit of moving pieces. That’s why many IT and business leaders are choosing to unite their enterprise communications in the cloud. As the convergence of business communications, phone systems, messaging platforms and other collaboration workflows, unified communications as a service is the modern solution for IT and business leaders to create a connected and collaborative network that’s easy for all employees to access from any device. When you’re ready to make the switch, here are five important features to look for in a UCaaS solution:

1. Cost-effective Maintenance

Much like any other IT investment, UCaaS should reduce costs through improvements in operational efficiency. When researching various UCaaS providers, weigh the upfront costs as well as the charges for maintenance, such as ongoing technological invention, service quality and reliability, compliance and advanced analytics and reporting. The one with the best offers and total cost of ownership is the winner.

2. Five-star User Experience

A seamless, intuitive UX design is key for getting your employees on board with a UCaaS solution. Look for one that allows users to easily access features and capabilities in one place.

3. Collaboration Tools

You’re implementing UCaaS to streamline communication within the company, so look for a solution that makes collaboration as easy as possible for employees. Features like video and web conferencing, screen sharing and chat boxes facilitate a well-connected workforce. The best UCaaS will have this collaboration-forward strategy built into their UX, offering truly seamless collaboration in a single solution.

4. Mobile Optimization

Mobile applications allow employees to access the features and information they need no matter where they’re working. Many UCaaS providers offer several mobile applications to make this remote productivity possible. However, the better ones are mobile-native, which means employees don’t have to download several apps. Instead, the mobile solutions are readily available within the platform itself.

5. Adoption Support

More than simply implementing the solution and walking away, superior UCaaS providers stick around to make sure your employees are utilizing the features and capabilities to their fullest potential. This also encourages a seamless transition, allowing your company to reap the benefits in productivity and performance at a faster rate.

When you’re searching for the best UCaaS solution, learn more about how PGi can be your trusted partner in boosting collaboration and productivity within your workforce.

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