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Have You Ever Had a “Smart Meeting”?

A smart meeting uses data and insights through AI and behavioral science to make itself more efficient—and, crucially, to save you time. Smart meetings are a cornerstone of AI-powered smart collaboration, and they’re quickly giving tech-savvy businesses a competitive edge. Here are three key distinguishing features of a smart meeting.

1. A Streamlined Virtual Experience

“Uh… can you give me permission to share my screen?”

“Hang on, it’s telling me I need to download the latest version of the software.”

“Oh, go ahead and open your calendar; the meeting link is in the invite.”

If you’re a video conferencing veteran, there’s a good chance you’ve heard all three of these sentences. Many hours are wasted due to preventable technical hiccups, like needing to install an application in order to join a meeting, inexplicable loss of audio, and human technical error.

Smart collaboration is designed around users’ actual real-life behavior, so organizing, starting, and running the meeting is as seamless as possible.

2. Calendar Awareness

Integrations with Outlook deliver calendar awareness to save teams time and improve productivity. Meeting hosts can quickly identify who is missing from your meeting and either email or chat them with a reminder.

Forget jumping back and forth to manage absent participants. Smart collaboration can automate the orchestration of meetings, so teams can begin collaborating and creating instantly, rather than toggling between different tools.

3. Automatic Recording Features

How much time have you spent this week alone getting colleagues up to speed when they arrive late to a meeting, or miss one entirely?

Never forget to record a meeting again! An AI-powered smart meeting solution will prompt you to record a meeting when complex content is shared or when team members invited to the meeting are absent. Even sweeter, a smart alert will then remind you to send the recording to the absent attendees (or to everyone!).

Experience the Difference

Hopefully, this article gave you a sense of how much cleaner and crisper your workday could be with smart meetings. But don’t just take our word for it. Try GlobalMeet for free and let us know what you think!

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