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Introducing New and Improved Webinar and Webcast Services

Here at PGi, we have some great news for you. After recently launching new and updated webinar and webcasting services under the GlobalMeet® brand name, we can help you achieve the highest levels of efficiency that your online events and communications have ever seen.

With a new name comes even better capabilities, competitive pricing and a slew of benefits for your company. Here’s what GlobalMeet® Webinar and GlobalMeet® Webcast can do for you:

Streamline Your Webinar Tools

Scalable, customizable and presentable, GlobalMeet Webinar is a solution designed to support small and midsize businesses deliver engaging online events. From demand generation webinars to product and service demos, you can host it all with GlobalMeet Webinar.

Branded content, high-quality HD broadcast video, interactive polling, surveys and Q&A chats are among the features that engage audiences and retain full attention. Plus, GlobalMeet Webinar keeps working for you even after the event is over. Robust report and analytics features offer actionable insights for future improvements and provide qualified leads for your sales team to convert. It’s everything you need for hosting better webinars, all in one solution.

Increase Your Webcast Expectations

Formerly known as iMeetLive®, GlobalMeet Webcast is the standard for large streaming events. It’s highly scalable and flexible, allowing FortuneTM 100 companies to reach the eyes and ears of tens of thousands of employees and stakeholders. Customizations, security, in-product functionality and global capabilities elevate enterprise-level events and communications with superior productions and live broadcasts. With advanced features and robust reporting capabilities, our webcasting services also allow you to engage and interact with large scale audiences.

Reap the Benefits

Calling all executives, business leaders, marketing teams and IT managers: It’s time to take advantage of GlobalMeet Webinar and GlobalMeet Webcast. From lead generation to training to delivering important updates and announcements to connecting with important investors, the list of benefits goes on.

In the words of June McCarthy, EVP of Marketing at PGi, “the streaming technology that our webinar and webcast products are delivered on is built to be feature-rich, flexible and easy-to-use for hosting secure, engaging and measurable events. With self-service and fully managed options available, companies of all sizes can leverage GlobalMeet services to deliver high-impact messages.”

Both services are available now, with several new cost-effective packages to choose from. More details can be found here.

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