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4 Ways Secure Webcasts Benefit Real Estate Investment Firms

How does your real estate investment firm communicate with clients and prospects? Emails? Phone calls? Print mailings?

While these avenues have their time and place, they often lead to miscommunication or disjointed processes.

Instead of waiting on a deal to close over an email or conducting all of their business over the phone, real estate investment firms can leverage secure webcasts to benefit and grow their business.

Here’s how:

1. Secure Communications

Real estate investments require the use of confidential information. When shared over an unsecured phone line or video call, this information could be compromised.

Secure webcast tools, like PGi’s GlobalMeet Webcast, offer comprehensive network security features such as password protection, limited audience access, and login authentication.

These features ensure that only approved individuals access the streamed information or conversation.

2. Use of Visual and Audio Content

Rather than relying on email threads and spotty phone calls to conduct investment transactions and updates, real estate professionals can enhance conversation with potential clients by using visual and audio content on a webcast.

For instance, when meeting with prospective investors, real estate firms can use webcasts to share information ranging from floor plans to pricing charts and beyond. Or, turn a traditional earnings call or investment meeting into a visual masterpiece through streaming video and imagery. And, allow participants to ask questions with the chatroom feature.

Combined with interactive features, including video conferencing, this engaging channel provides firms with seamless client communication.

3. Stream On-Demand Content

On top of disorganized email threads and missed phone calls, scheduling a time to meet with clients face-to-face is difficult—especially in the middle of a global crisis like COVID-19.

Secure business products and services such as webcasts allow real estate investment firms to stream critical content on-demand. This then enables the client to login with a secure password and view the content at their convenience.

This perk ensures that investments stay on track and that all parties can access critical content when they need it.

4. Strengthened Investor-Client Relationships

Investors find that these secure and convenient features, along with the interactive nature of a webcast, enhance client relationships.

Clients find the ability to visualize investment content and access secure content on-demand to be a valuable part of the investment process.

If you’re looking to ramp up your real estate firm’s efforts, start using secure webcasts today.

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