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What Makes a Great Collaborator?

What are the habits of great collaborators? As makers of collaboration tools, we’ve thought a lot about this question and about what it takes to collaborate excellently. Here are a few of the observations we’ve made and would like to share.

Ask for Honest Feedback

“A good collaborator pushes the boundaries of both partners,” said Neil Blumenthal, the CEO of Warby Parker. He’s talking about the boundaries of both achievement and, perhaps more important, trust. Great collaborators ask their team members to help them improve, which encourages others to do the same. The result is mutual trust that leads to greater achievement.

Give People the Benefit of the Doubt

Cynicism—the tendency to assume the worst about people—affects everyone from time to time. Unfortunately, cynicism can kill the spirit of collaboration.

Great collaborators dissolve cynicism by giving people the benefit of the doubt. Instead of assuming the worst, they try to see the good in their team members and encourage people to clarify the motives behind their actions.

Focus on the Facts

When teams try to make decisions based solely on beliefs and opinions, feathers get ruffled. That’s why great collaborators bring facts to the table. Facts serve as a starting point for conversations and a kind of common ground.

Let Ideas Belong to the Team

When you bring an idea to the table, it’s natural to feel somewhat attached to it. However, the best collaboration happens when teams—not individuals—take ownership of ideas and results. In short, great collaborators try to leave their egos out of the idea sharing process.

Talk Face-to-Face

It’s undeniable face-to-face communication simply works better. So, great collaborators avoid trying to resolve conflicts via email, instead opting to get a room—be it physical or virtual—for important communication.

GlobalMeet was designed to meet the needs of collaborators and teams, providing instant, reliable access to messaging, phone, video conferencing and collaboration tools that empower you to make meaningful connections wherever you are.

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