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Audio Quality Is Everything In Your Webcast — Here’s How to Achieve The Best Sound

Audio Quality Is Everything In Your Webcast

Nothing puts a damper on your online meeting or webcast faster than poor audio quality. Your brand hinges on a professional performance, whether you’re hosting a webcast for lead generation or a sales presentation for prospects. Poor audio quality can …

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The Negative Impact of Bad Audio Quality in Conference Calls

bad audio quality

Conference calling is a mainstay of the modern office, enabling hassle-free communication and collaboration so workers can focus on what really matters. With the rise of the mobile phone and the gradual move towards mobile conference calling, conferencing has begun …

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Common Conference Call Problems (& How to Solve Them)

conference call problems

Sound is a fundamental element of everything we do. It dictates how we communicate with colleagues, how we interact with our environment and even how we learn. In the workplace — and during meetings in particular — being able to …

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How to Achieve the Best Audio Quality on a Conference Call

audio quality

With modern technology, conference calls with poor-quality audio should be a thing of the past. Here at PGi, we are committed to providing the industry’s best audio conference quality. But there are things that you can do during your GlobalMeet® …

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